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story is about a mythical dark historey about a member of a royal family in old times
La Lloyd:

How will I start this story ah yes I’m going to start with the night I had my first victim.  A night I would not trade for the world.  I saw her just standing there looking at me.  I knew her from somewhere but I couldn’t keep concentration.  All I could see is the wound on her arm, and then I started to hear her heart beat.  And then, I lost it, I walked up to her and smiled.  Then, I grabbed her by the waist and tilted her head back.  When my daggers unsheathed themselves as my lips touch the humans neck, and then the sweetest taste I ever had.

I was taking the sweet nectar of life from this creature, which I held tight, so I could be satisfied with the sweet champagne of death. And when I was satisfied, I let go as that limp cattle falls to the ground, and red wine drips from my mouth, and I looked at the girls body pale and fragile and drained dry. Just before a blood bath, I knelled by the body and I looked at the girl’s neck and realized that I was having the ecstasy of her.  The sexual desire the rush of life, a feeling that I would not trade for the world, and most of all her.  She makes me want her more and more to the point that all I see and all I here, is the pulsing veins in her throat, right in the sweet spot, which makes me want to bathe in her blood.  Because she has an open wound, and the smell of blood, it has took control of me.  So I can’t control my self?  When I became an immortal, I should have expected it to gain full control of me after 1 week of rebelling against it. But the thirst, it showed me my true self and that was my first time with her.  And my exacution was sweeter than that, and that is why the story begins.

Chapter one malice

Hey sir!  Move out of the way me and my platoon are traveling to our beloved town of riddles . Lloyd: you say that you are a platoon well platoon or not there is more than one rout to go and if you wish to go this rout there is more than a enough room to get to the valley of riddles. Platoon leader: we have been traveling for many days and nights and we want to know What are these imaginary routs you speak of , ha ha ha![as the the solders laugh] .  Lloyd:  hold you’re foul tongue’s you arrogant pig’s you claim to be solders but you are not from here because if you were then you would no you’re home better then any one unless you are an arrogant pig. Platoon leader: We have been traveling from a victorious battle to come home and see our loved ones, and make memorials for the ones that have been lost in battle and to honor them in all there glory so you see that we speak no lies and we ment no foul play. Lloyd: you think in salts to you’re comrades is acceptable. Well any way you see my point do you not. Patrol officer: I’m sorry but I do not exept you’re apology you called us arrogant pigs if any one is an arrogant pig it is you. Lloyd: HAHAHA! [ he changes to deviant} you think I was apologizing you bad dogs you should no better then that you know its dangerous to run in to a stranger in the middle of the night.  Patrol officer: how dare you we have been travaling to come home and see our loved ones and have memorials for the ones that have been lost and to honor our men a live and dead in all there glory.  Lloyd: glory what glory , the glory of death and decay, blood shed, murdering you’re human brother with malice in you’re heart, and slaughtering their innocent children and raping there helpless woman as you strangle them.  And laugh about killing you’re enemy or even slaughtering the unborn child of the sergeant general of you’re apposing enemy.  Then yes, honor you, you’re men alive and dead in all there glory.

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