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Lady Anaelle is sailing over the water to a husband she has never met.
It was a favorable wind that cooled the sun's heated kiss as the boat sliced through the waves. Anaelle was at the bow of the boat watching the water part for the craft that was carrying her into the unknown. Her sable locks were braided, and she was wearing a hat, but the wind had tugged at her hair until a few wisps had come loose and it danced in the wind. Anaelle marveled at how blue the water looked, it was impossibly blue. Even more than the blue was how clear it was. She couldn't see all the way down to the bottom, but she could see quite a ways down. There were dolphins in the water from time to time, and they jumped and frolicked along the ships sides. Captain Iner had said that dolphins were a favorable sign that they would have good weather all the way into Storm Harbor, and from there it was only a few hours ride to the castle. Her new husband was the youngest son of King Alestus Grant. Anaelle was promised to Prince Aatami for political reasons. Her father did not want to anger the king of a powerful shipping empire, and the king has five sons and not enough positions for them all. Anaelle figures she'll never fully figure out everything, but she was sure since she was the youngest of seven sisters, and Aatami was the youngest of his family, with no sisters as she found out from the captain, they fit together nicely. A well bred noble lady from another kingdom, and a prince who will never inherit his father's throne.

Looking from the ocean to the sky, Anaelle hoped that her new husband would like her. Having never seen a likeness of him or his father, she had no idea what her future husband looked like. She had not been permitted to write to them either. Her father explained that their seer must find her worthy before seeing any of the royal family. The seer will be the first person she sees when she is settled into her quarters. Anaelle looked to her hand where a ring that Prince Aatami had selected was sent to her. It was a plain silver band, braided delicately with leaves on it. It was very lovely with no gem adornments, but Anaelle thought it said something about the prince's choice of jewelry.

"Lady Anaelle!" A voice called out. Anaelle turned around to see her governess standing nervously on the deck. Berelda had the sea sickness from the time she boarded the boat. Her skin was sweaty and white her hair was tightly bound and coiled in her cap which she held on top of her head with an unsteady hand. Berelda was only going to be allowed to escort her to the harbor, then she unfortunately had to make the return trip to Plinaro by herself. "Mistriss, please come away from there before you fall to your death!"

Anaelle carefully moved away from the bow and joined her governess. The older woman escorted her back below the ship and into the captain's quarters that were turned over to her and her governess for their journey. Berelda shut the door before she removed her cap and sighed. "What am I going to do with you?" She moved to assist Anaelle with removing her outside clothes. "You should be studying the language and culture of your new home. Ships aren't safe, one big wave and you'll get tossed over the side. I have heard the stories, and with the way this tinderbox moves, everyone could fall over. You wouldn't want to be a disappointment when you make your appearance at court." she fussed.

Anaelle sighed and moved over to the bed and picked up one of the books she had been given. It was on the religion of Celesthem. The main deity was Marina, goddess of the ocean. For a kingdom making its living off of the sea, she was a sustainer of life. Marina was depicted as a dark haired maiden with a sea kelp crown. her upper body was that of a young maiden and the chiseler used sea kelp as the cover for her bosom, but had meticulously worked very fine opalescent scales over what would be her skin. Her lower body was that of a shark, somewhat elongated to make it seem like a natural creation of nature.In her right hand she held a spear, and in her left hand she held a large conch shell with food inside it. The "bounty of the sea" it was called. The picture in the book was very detailed and the colors she was painted in gave her an otherworldly presence that a goddess should have. The goddess' eyes were the most haunting as they were a deep dark blue, and looked like a storm was brewing in her eyes at the same time that she appeared overall to be very peaceful. even playful.

Anaelle ran her hand over the picture again, and shivered as she began to realize why the king may have sent for, or pleaded for Anaelle. Her hair was that dark sable, so dark i had bluish highlights, and her eyes were indeed blue. Not the bright or vibrant blues she had seen other maidens wear, but a darker shade of blue that some could mistake for black if she was in a dark mood. Anaelle flipped past the remaining pages on Marina and focused on some of their other gods and goddesses.

"Gromgen, the Benevolent
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