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Good Hygiene
        Born of heathen parents, near Gaza, she was converted while
        studying grammar in Alexandria. Shortly after, still only in her
        fifteenth year she went out of the Arabian desert to Mecca.
        There all the countries of the world were open to her.
        "I shall go forth accross the horizon to the a land of ice."
        Sarah proclaimed. Everywhere she went she would win
        praises for her beauty and good grammar.
        "Be mindful of those you meet. They judge you by your
        speech and teeth." yes she said that. Her last retreat at
        Cyprus was broken by a visit by Saint Hilarion. An alcoholic
        had been cured of his corousing by Saint Hilarion's crosier.
        "O most wretched man!" Sarah judged, "Women and drink
        will put a burning bush between your thighs!" Then, she hit
        him with the crosier.
        Then with great benevolance Sarah kissed Saint Hilarion on
        the mouth and said, "I'm gonna be Vice President!" Inturn
        Saint Hilarion did also crack her crosier apon the drunkards
        head, "Peace be with thee! A Saint is sorely tested by the
        sinners surounding her!" Then, she nailed his loins.
        "Perhaps it is better to suffer in Hell, then under a Saint?" the
        drunkard mumbled. Saint Palin quickly clocked him with
        a Lebanese urn, "Silence is a virtue and now you are blessed."

        Reflections: It is good teeth and good grammar that will make
                          a good Vice President.


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