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It's about letting go and becoming a part of everything for just one tiny moment
The dissonance of reality was dizzily spinning through my thoughts; My stomach turned in the anxiety of being severed from all that was real. I knew I had once again cut myself off from the fastened root which nourished me in every way. I had to resew the seam of my open and wounded heart at once. I stepped outside under the thick overcast of saturated gray clouds and I laid stretched out across the stone walk with my eyes shut; trying to rid my self of all mortal thoughts of drudgery which seized me without will. I slowly let go of my desire to rationalize and scrutinize and instead, I just listened.

I listened to the resonate melodies of passing birds as if they were the sweet songs of friendly strangers sharing stories of their most recent travels. I listened to the rain drops drip off the edge of the leaves of a tree, one by one in a rhythmic and orchestrated pattern, as they each broke through the silent air to be embraced by a muddy, shallow puddle just below. I listened to old rusty automobile engines roaring and clanking as they earnestly tried to conquer the endless road ahead. And to majestic jet engines as they shouted out to the sea of wind and clouds to part and let them politely pass, while leaving their companion, Sound, trailing behind with memories of when it too had the power of insurmountable quickness to humble humans just as Light still does.

I listened to it all, and for a few brief moments the birds were not birds, the raindrops were not raindrops, the engines were not engines, and my thoughts were not thoughts, as they too faded into the mass of random rhythms reverberating endlessly; One vast ocean of singularity sifting through and sharing itself. I slowly opened my eyes and looked up to the sky to see thousands of translucent musical spheres of motion trailing off into infinity. My mind exploded into every direction of boundless ecstasy; rippling throughout an undulating moment of self revelation. And as I stared off into the lapping Mandela of transcendent tones, I felt a surge of wonder sweep through me; my entire core openly exposed without boundary. Then suddenly from ahigh, a single spherical drop of rain swiftly sailed right into the center of my eye, sending a wake of shock throughout my body, as the burning sensation of its stinging acidity dripped down my face. I began to laugh, as I realized that the raindrop had descended from the heavens to speak to me, and to tell me that I try far too hard.
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