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A children's birthday party goes awry
                                       Happy Birthday!                                        

    Today was Sammy's sixth birthday.  His parents had thrown a party for him. 
All of his friends were there.  Fifteen little boys and girls running around the
backyard yelling and screaming and having a good time.  Sammy's parents served
the children hamburgers and hot dogs that Sammy's dad cooked on the grill.  His
mom had baked a huge chocolate and vanilla cake, Sammy's favorite, and also had
bought several kinds of ice cream.  The children were entertained with a pinata
and played several games of hide and go seek.  When Sammy's mom said it was time
to open presents, the other children gathered around Sammy as he tore off the
wrapping paper and neatly stacked each present, remembering to thank whichever
child had given him the gift.  Then Sammy's mother announced it was
time for the surprise entertainment.

    Sammy and the other children sat in a semi-circle in the backyard.  Sammy's
mom beamed as she swung open the back gate to reveal a clown.  But this was not
a normal clown.  His clothes were shredded and torn.  His make-up made him
appear haggard and worn out.  Sammy's mom explained to the children that this
was Billy Joe the rodeo clown.  The children tittered with excitement.  No one
had ever seen a rodeo clown.  Billy Joe rolled in a couple of colorful empty
barrels and placed them around the backyard.  Sammy's mom sat down in a lawn chair
next to Sammy's dad and whispered,

    "This clown was half the price of the clown who did balloon animals.  He'll
still entertain the children."

    Sammy's dad smiled.  At this point, Billy Joe had set up all the barrels
and had closed the back gate.  He stood by the gate and waited until the
children's interest had been peaked.  They eagerly leaned forward to hear what
he had to say.
    "Everyone ready?  Okay, Junior, let him go!"

    The back gate swung open and a gigantic Brahma came charging into the yard. 
Billy Joe ran back and forth with the bull in chase.  The children let out
squeals of joy at the spectacle.  Even Sammy's parents were enjoying this. 
Billy Joe taunted the bull with his hat and when the bull ran at him, he threw
the hat in the opposite direction, confusing the bull.  He waved a red
handkerchief as if he were a bull fighter.  The bull huffed and snorted and ran
around.  Everyone was having a ball.  Just as the bull was about to get
him, Billy Joe jumped into one of the barrels.  The bull stopped next to the
barrel and knocked it over with its head.  Then it turned its sights on the

    The children scattered in a screaming panic as the bull bore down on them. 
A little boy froze in panic, unable to move until the bull slammed its giant
head into him, sending him flying into the picnic table.  Sammy's parents tried
to herd the children into the house.  Meanwhile, the bull was having his way
with the children.  It managed to hook a little girl, lift her up over its head
onto its back where she clung briefly before falling off onto the ground.  As
the children ran to the house the bull came raging after them.  Finally,
everyone was inside and Sammy's dad slammed shut the glass door.  The bull
halted in its tracks and trotted back towards the gate.  Then it turned around
and stomped its hooves.     

    As Sammy's mom dialed 911, the bull charged the house.  It burst through
the door showering the children with shards of broken glass.  A little boy tried
to hide under the coffee table.  With one swift movement, the bull brought down
a mighty hoof and splintered the coffee table, crushing his blond head. 
Everyone was screaming, crying, and bleeding profusely.  The bull romped through
the dining room, sending cake and ice cream flying all over the walls.  After
relieving itself in the foyer, the bull threw its own excrement everywhere with
each powerful kick.  Some of the children lay perfectly still, hoping to be
ignored by the bull and praying that their parents would come to pick them up

    Sammy and his best friend, Alex, were hiding in the pantry.  They heard
their friends' cries and the frantic yelling of Sammy's parents, but they were
powerless to do anything.  Finally the noise died down.  Still scared, the boys
decided to look out and see if the coast was clear.  Sammy opened the pantry
door to reveal his mother lying facedown in the kitchen, the phone still in her
lifeless hand.  There seemed to be no sign of the bull.  Alex took a peek around
the corner into the living room to see who was still alive while Sammy took the
phone and tried calling 911.  Suddenly, Alex turned around.

    "Sammy!  Run!  The bull's coming!"

    Sammy dropped the phone and ran towards the front hall with Alex right
behind him.  The bull came charging into the kitchen, knocking over a
grandfather clock that fell through the kitchen table sending more shattered
glass into the air.  Sammy reached the front door first and frantically grabbed
at the knob.  He looked back to see Alex stumble over the body of Lisa, Sammy's
special friend, and the bull racing out of the kitchen towards them.  With a
twitch of its head, the bull pierced Alex squarely in the back with one of its
horns.  Alex screamed in pain.  The horn came through his chest and he was
lifted off the floor as the bull reared up on its hind legs.  Alex's body
smashed against the chandelier, causing it to shatter, glass cascading onto
Sammy and the bull.  Alex's limp body slid off the horn and slumped on the
floor.  Sammy frantically tried to open the door.  The bull snorted and started
to charge.

    The front door flew open and two men came in with shotguns.  It was Billy
Joe.  And Junior.  They fired and the bull took two blasts in the chest.  It
crumpled to the floor.  Sammy uncovered his eyes to see Billy Joe extending his
hand.  He helped Sammy to his feet and tried to brush the glass away from his

    "You okay there, pardner?"

    Sammy stood speechless.
    "Gosh, we're really sorry about that.  I guess old Hurricane there got a
little out of hand.  Tell you what, this one's on us, no charge."

    Billy Joe took a card out of his pocket and handed it to Sammy.  On the
card was written:

                      Double Door Ranch
                Billy Joe Meckler, Ranchhand
              Rodeos, State Fairs, Birthdays
                "the meanest beast on earth"

Sammy took the card and looked up at Billy Joe.  Billy Joe smiled at him and put
his hand on Sammy's head.  Sammy winced at the pain.

    "OOPS, forgot about that wound there.  My fault.  Well, we're gonna get
going.  Happy birthday there, kiddo."
    Sammy watched Billy Joe and Junior tie a rope around Hurricane's body. 
They dragged it out to their truck, loaded it into the bed, and drove off. 
Sammy walked into the backyard, past the destruction and dead bodies.  He didn't
even hear when Alex's parents came in the front door, bringing the present they
had forgotten to send with him.
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