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This is chapter 1and 2 of a book I'm beggining to write, so please give me feedback
Chapter one:
         Now I was in my apartment, my clothes were soaked from the rain outside. It has been raining for the past three or four days now, and that weather makes it harder to hunt because not that many people are outside. Clearly hunting was always the first thing on my mind, but right now it was getting out of these clothes. I headed for my bathroom after I got my bathrobe, then i turned on the shower. First I turned the hot all the way up and then  the cold up about halfway. This shower is what I needed, standing there letting the steam rise around me and letting the hot water soothe my wounds. I had closed my eyes while my face was under the water and it made me think back to the night when all of this started. That night I woke up in my bed with two shadowy figures standing over me, “you asked for this.” But that was the only thing they said to me before one of the jumped on me, and bit my neck to restrain me, while the other one chomped at my wrist sending me into a seizure  like state. Three minutes after my attack I was passed out, completely drained, one stepping stone away from my death, when I woke up I was unsure of what time it was, how long had I been out? But as soon as I could open my eyes, the answer to that question did not matter because I was still not alone when my eyes opened. The two same figures were still standing there hovering over me, staring at me, speaking quietly, and this entire time I wondered what they meant by, “you asked for this.” After they spoke with each other they sat down on two of my chairs, but in the background lightening struck outside reveling that they were both females. I tried to get up to run or get away from them but I could not, they told me to stop struggling, so I had no choice but when I calmed they started to explain why they had done  what they done. “You are the one that has spent your whole life looking for us, people of our kind, but the truth is we have been watching over you all along waiting for our opportunity.” This was the first thing in my life to make sense, I had spent so many days of my life researching, looking, and asking about werewolves but now I had found my calling. I closed my eyes but I was so excited with the amount of energy I had left, but before I tried to move again they told me, “were not just finished yet, there is one more thing we require from you.” and I asked what that was, but I knew what response was coming, they would want me to drink their blood. One wound their sleeve back and then raised her wrist to her mouth when she violently bit into it and pull flesh back and started bleeding a lot, “Drink” she said. So I could not refuse at this point because if I did I would surely die, at this point the sight of the injury repulsed me and made he hesitate to take the first drink. But A moment later the other female forced my head to her friends wrist, and so I drank. I drank quicker and quicker every moment longer that went by, it tasted so good, and it made my entire body feel one-hundred times stronger, it was like nothing I ever experienced. Soon after that I wanted to rest, but before I did the female who let me feed from her whispered into my ear. That was the last hour or so of my human life, and just remembering it gave me some sign of hope, after my recollection it made my hunger burn to be fulfilled again. But first I would have to check my wounds that became scars before I could head into bed.

Chapter 2:
         While I was in school the only thing I could think of was the night I became a werewolf, how my human nature would never be the same. The more I thought the more my neck and wrist started to hurt where my makers bit me. So I ask my teacher if I could go to the nurse, so that I could try to pull myself back together and get a grip. This was my senior year after these next couple of months I would be free to do what I want and go anywhere, but every day it gets harder, because every day gets closer and closer to another full moon. When it gets closer things start to get difficult for me my senses start going wild, especially my hearing, smell, and taste. I went back to my class after I layed down for twenty minutes, and finely got a hold of my thoughts. Today was the first day of a new moon cycle, figures that the day after I went out hunting it would not lead to a quick break or a day off. It was now the last period of the day and it was hard to get through because it had a lot of attractive girls in younger grades in it, and my luck I sat near some of them. They kept getting up from their seats and every time they walked by I could smell their essence, every time I smelled it, it was like a drug that I was easily addicted to. And it drove me crazy, it filled my hormones and made me feel that I could not control myself, just looking at the flesh around their necks made my mouth water. My visions were just to jump up and drive my teeth into their flesh and taste their sweet blood, and just losing all control, I started to get really hot and felt that I was no longer in control of my body, so I asked to go to the bathroom. Starring at myself in the mirror I spoke to myself saying, “hold it together” gripping my fists to gain back control, a second later the bell rang and I took five minutes before I headed to my locker.
         Just getting to my house would be a problem until an even bigger one popped up. A somewhat annoying girl that a knew from years ago has always liked me but I did not find her desirable. But today was not my day because she always wore perfume that I could never resist and the scent of it twirled around my nostrils ever second longer I stood near her, then I smelled her hormones rising every minute she saw me staring at the blood running through her jugular. Soon enough I found myself just standing in front of her breathing heavily, almost getting high off of her scent, and then moments later she whispered into my ear to come to her house in a few hours and that there were no parents at her house, then she left. I went to my house ten minutes later, ran in and grabbed water to stabilize but before I could my house phone rang and its was the girl from school and she told me that she wanted me to come over now, so I panicked knowing that this could get really ugly. I took my time walking there to try and calm down but it didn't work, I looked like shit. Hot, sweaty, pale in the face, hunched over, with my hormones racing. So I knocked on the door three times and when she answered she was standing there in nothing but her bra and underwear and invited me in. My comfort was gone when I set foot in the house, I knew at that point I had no control, she took my hand and lead me to her room and imediatly started to kiss me before she pushed me onto her bed. She sat on top of me with her legs spread over mine and then started to kiss down to my neck, and seconds after that she started to bite me, which drove me insane I could not react because of what it did to my hormones, after not being able to bear it I flipped her onto her back, and then I started to bite her neck, and could taste the essence of her flesh. I heard the blood racing throughout her entire body, I started to gnaw off the straps of her bra, after I did so I threw it away without looking up to see where it went. I started moving down to the breasts, sucking harder and harder around the nipples, she stopped me and made me watch as she took off her underwear. I realized a problem when she did, she was on her period, that sight of a small amount of blood made my blood boil. I took my clothes off until I was in my boxers and I crawled up to her, but I accidently touched the blood and stared at it debating if I should taste it or wipe it away. While she laid back waiting for me to insert myself into her, i quickly tasted her blood, and small fireworks ignited in my eyes because it was the second best thing I ever tasted. I simply let go and decided that I needed this, slowly inserting myself, she let out a moan as the blood wrapped itself around me, making my body warmer. We were at a constant motion of me and her moving back and fourth, in and out faster and faster. I was set on having her feel intense pleasure so I bit into her fair flesh with force and she let out a sound between a cry and and a moan, and at that point her body was clenching up the more I drank, it got to the point where I felt her explode on the inside and when she did she had fainted. I almost took to much blood which is why she fainted but I knew that she would be ok, so afterwords I placed clothes on her and tucked her into her bed, then let myself out of her house knowing that she would wake up tomorrow feeling good, and hopefully it would beb but a vague dream to her.

Chapter 3:
         By the time I left it was only a few minutes after sunset and that ment that my day had just begun. I had to walk through an allyway to get to my house to that I could tie myself to my bed before my transformation. After a few minutes my house was in my sights before I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned it was this bully from my school that I sometimes stooded up to and wandered what he wanted. He said, “Did you just come from her house ?” simply I stated “yes, what about it ?”. He told me that he liked her but she was always blowing him off because she has been obsessed with me for the past three years and he told me he was going to make me ugly so that she wouldn't like me anymore. I let out a brief laugh and He swung he fist at me like a brute, so I caught his fist and squeezed it harder and harder every second until i felt his skin start to give in, and he started beging me to let go so I did and when he looked at me I knew my eyes had already started to change and he ran away screaming like a little girl, it was the funnest thing I've done in a while. But I ran the rest of the way home and I dove into my bed and started to tie my legs to the posts and then my arm, and then had to use my mouth to get my other hand tied down tight enough.
         I lied there feeling my energy getting ready to explode, screaming out my pain as my flesh started to rip and my newfound body starting to form. If it was one thing I hated about changing it was when your head starts to crack and form, it hurts so bad. I basked in the energy that was circulating in my body, it fully healed any wounds I may have had, but after I started to get comfortable with this whole shifting thing one of the females that turned me (the crazy one) she sat at the edge of my bed watching me break the ropes that held my body down and she did not move at all, and she layed back onto what used to be my arm and she started laughing saying, “Isn't this Fun hahaha.” I hated her because any problem or hardship I faced she would always find me and make me feel worse. I still couldn't figure out why she still came to see me but at this point I didn't care and then she dissapeared in the blink of an eye. I finally stood on all fours and took a huge breathe and picked up a scent but it was the scent of the girl who had just been in my room, this wasn't the first time but I never followed it before and I figured what the hell so I started to follow it into these nearby woods. There was a tunnel underground that I would have never would have guessed was there, but before I went down I smelled serveral other scents as well but they werent as strong as hers they were human. I slowly walked around the tunnel following those scents and I found a room where there was a fire lit and there she was rolling around on the dirt ground, I thought she was alone but after a minute or two a man walked out, he was shirtless and more muscular than anyone I have every seen, and he layed with her. She started to pull a knife out and cut him briefly and she started to drink his blood. I had heard of people like this ones who didn't like to hunt so they got people who would offer themselves so that they could be healed, but not before long my vision and hearing started to fade and my head hurt, so I slowly turned and a friend of hers was standing there with  log in her hands, and then I blacked out.
         I awoke in an upright position with my vision slightly blurry but recovering, and she was face to face to me. I tried to move but realized I was tied to a pole and could not budge. She started laughing again and saying “I know your attracted to me, that's why you followed me here.” Suddenly my expression became blank, she'd had known something that I did not even know, it was a blinding realization. It explained why I followed her scent, besides it being different. But after a few minutes she just walked away, said nothing, and dissapeared. Her boy toys still standing there starting punching me in my face, blow after blow, then starting to punch me in my chest also, pretty soon all I saw was red and I got dizzy as shit. Then one final blow to my face put me to sleep and when my vision faded I blacked out again not knowing what would happen to me next...
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