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A short, humorous visit to the animal kingdom and its amusing reign in (English) Language.
    Man is at it again! His mandate is to have dominion over animals. But he has decided not only to dominate them but also to invade their territory and privacy. He does, holds, takes and practises what are meant for animals. He has abandoned his human nature and taken over the animal kingdom, forcing me to develop goose pimples.

    This man, called Andrew, donning a forcefully acquired monkey jacket, had to share a windfall with his extended family. Rather than take his human share, he decided to take the lion share leaving the chicken feed to his younger and weaker ones. (The lion must be furious in its den.) Indoor games like chess, scrabble, ludo, and monopoly were available for him to play when his wife complained. But he chose to play a cat-and-mouse game with the poor woman, leaving her with no option but to shed crocodile tears. Man must be cruel!

    Trust the parrot. It encouraged the disgruntled and cheated humans to go to court. Unfortunately, the presiding judge decided to set up and transfered the case to a kangaroo court. (This was definitely a rude and inordinate violation of the right of kangaroos to preside over their own judicial affairs.) Andrew stepped into the dock and rather than shake like a human being, (someone said like Shakespeare), he started shaking like a jelly-fish. And when he finally opened his mouth to talk, everyone expected him to tell, say, a human tale by moonlight. No, he began to narrate a cock and bull story!

    Little wonder animals are going into extinction. Man should be warned not to abuse the power of dominion  confered on him by the Creator. Before getting involved in another rat race, he should remember that animals were created before him. Expecting it to rain cat and dogs as though these animals were mere pebbles is the height of heartlessness. Adopting the giraffe method to cheat in an examination is pure usurpation of copyright, and I fear a revolt by animals reminiscent of what transpired in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

    The UN agency responsible for the prevention of cruelty to animals should immediately convene a summit. We should spare these innocent animals and mind our human, rather than animal business.
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