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There is more to life,it is about being more than just us.
The day began for her with the first appearance of light across the sky, just when the sun rose. Yet another day to take on responsibilities that she never meant to comprehend as being onerous. Life seemed to be more like a graphical record for which she set the standards higher and higher. Life like a responsibility was comfortably saddled on her petite nevertheless determined shoulders. She stepped outside her comforting space, only to face umpteen aimlessly drifting emotions that were given off around her. She considered them rudderless. It all seemed so immaterial to her, she could have gone on without stopping by. Life was calling, wasn’t it? She couldn’t afford to fail while using time completely to ensure success for her life, something she thought she wholly deserved. There were many more purposes to be fulfilled; there were endless tasks that were lying out there waiting to be tackled, which would make better, life. As a child she always believed that feelings were just futile excuses which only intended to slow the development of life…her life. And she was determined never to let that happen. She would never stop. Life… Her life meant much more than any ordinary or out of the ordinary responsibility that she had undertaken in thirty years of having lived a life that was entirely regulated by decisions which were solely made by her. A something she could have been proud of. She should have been but she wasn’t.
People around were doomed to suffer, weren’t they? In her opinion they were all silly people smitten by emotions, whose very inception was the root cause of sorrow in man. She wasn’t numb to emotions. But she seemed to know how to get over any such feeling without any delay. Life would be marked for death otherwise. The dark sky outside spelled the end of her yet another day made full by responsibilities which she assumed successfully, like she always had. A profound satisfaction accumulated in her that the sound sleep which followed was indicative of. A hollow victory, her satisfaction entailed. A life that was empty of animation

People often give little or no attention to the emotions that materialize from within them. How hard can it be, to acknowledge the brilliant rays of the sun that lit up the morning azure sky? To smile a little when you felt the lightheaded breeze blow against your skin? To admire the breeze that rippled the water in the lake and the sun that made the water gleam? To scream a little when you were really excited? To cry a little when you were embarrassed? To scowl a little when you were put through displeasure? To worry a little when you were nervous? To laugh a little when a story actually tickled your funny bone? To fear a little the booming noise the thunder made when it rained? To hate a little when you were humiliated? Just to express every little emotion that your heart felt?
Life without expression is devoid of any significance… Like the hollow sound of footsteps in an empty room. Like they say, no one else can feel it for you and when life has so much and more to offer why not release all your inhibitions and celebrate every moment in it?

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1483850-More-Than-Just-Her