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A senile, sausage-obsessed foreigner by the name of Quishva, to the average person, seems like quite an odd and unpleasant character, but to me, she was my ticket into Hollywood. I met her in an unusual and desperate attempt at inspiration while digging through my freezer. A cold fog engulfed me as I reached for the package of frozen sausages in the freezer and caught sight of this bizarre looking woman. I grabbed the sausages and ran down to my basement, where my camcorder, perched on a chair and stack of books, was waiting to capture my new found friend. That day, Quishva transformed my basement into a secret lair for the many alter-egos who reside in my mind. There, is where I performed an hour of improvisational comedy, resulting in an audition tape that was quirky enough to win the hearts of casting directors from Nickelodeon’s  nationwide competition, “R U All That? Nickelodeon‘s Search for the Funniest Kid in America”. Little did I realize, this competition would place me into the front lines of a war against 10,000 kids, all vying for the same role.

         After surviving the competition’s ulcer-inducing elimination rounds I arrived in Los Angeles, where I was to be greeted by a sea of cameras and the host of the competition. Quishva smiles, takes a ride on the luggage carousel, and tosses around a few sausages for the cameras, but that soon faded away and I stepped out of my character and onto the set of the show. My main concern was the script, lying in my hands like the Holy Bible. I was no longer in the comfort zone of my home, but instead a bustling set, wired with much more superior equipment than my mini camcorder. My thoughts ran off in different directions, but never prevented me from absorbing the work ethic of the actors.  I did not simply read the lines, and act as if I were that character; I became that character. All of my concentration was put into becoming Quishva, while Stephanie became only an on-looker into the chaotic world of a child actor.

         Aside from the absurdity of playing a madwoman, I fondly remember playing Mrs. Bloaf, a cynical grief counselor. Playing Mrs. Bloaf not only required me to release a vicious “nut” monkey on a helpless 7th grader, but to work in front of a green screen . There I stood, my 13-year-old jittery self, in front of that neon canvas, my neck being weighed down by the enormity of the beehive sitting atop my head. The lights were directly on me, and I could count about three cameras pointing in my direction. If I mess up, will they release the “nut” monkey on me? I know this thought was preposterous, but I couldn’t help but remind myself that I was a girl who was only familiar with small school productions, and was now being thrown into the midst of actors who really knew what they were doing. Grasping for some positivity in the nerve-racking situation, I reassured myself that out of 10,000 kids, I was the one chosen to be here. It was then that I began to close my mind off from any doubts and fears. I was no longer  on the set of “All That“, but back in the comfort of my secret lair. I belt out a boisterous laugh, give an evil grin, and dance around the green screen(as Mrs. Bloaf would have naturally done), and when it’s all over, I feel elated. I realize, that no matter where I perform, in my basement or on a Hollywood set, I am capable of anything.

         Looking out into a sea of cameras in front of me, was the most panoramic and extraordinary view imaginable. I will continue to cherish those memories, and keep them close to me as I continue my journey in becoming an actress. Setting foot on a stage, working with eager professionals, and allowing a ravenous “nut“ monkey savagely attack an actor, were just a few of the moments that convinced me of my aspiration to whole-heartedly pursue this dream. To this day, this dream has never wavered , and my quest to succeed as an actress has carried on (in spite of Quishva’s deportation, and Mrs. Bloaf’s run-in with the animal control). Performing on “All That” has not just been the foundation of my confidence, but has taught me that although Quishva and Mrs. Bloaf helped me achieve the opportunity of a lifetime, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Stephanie Matto.
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