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A guide for hair stylist to care for their scissors
                                        “Scissor Care Guide”

    This is provided to “Professional Hair Stylists” to help in maintaining the integrity of your expensive shears and insure a long life for your investment in yourself as well as your clients.  Because I am was stylist for 34 years I know you.  I know that even though we  spend a lot of money on our scissors that most of us do not really take care of them.  We get busy! Below are some simple steps to follow.

Daily…Spray water on your shears and gently wipe with a clean towel or paper towel

Weekly…Rinse under warm to hot running water opening and closing the blades and gently  dry with a clean towel or paper towel

Weekly…After cleaning, apply a few drops of oil to the screw and pivot area of the.  Massage out the length of the blades.  Gently wipe with “clean” towel or paper towel. 


What kind of oil should I use?      Clipper oil is fine or commercial scissor oil.  Do not use sprays  as some of the propellants can slowly dissolve  nylon and plastic washers.  We do not recommend “alcohol and wax lubricants” as it has been our experience that they can cause rusting.  Stainless steel does oxidize or rust you know.  When significant rust spots develope  in the “ride line” (the thin shiny line that should be along the inside edge of the blades), they  may be ready for the archives and you are ready to contact your friendly sales person.  Don’t let it happen…..oil baby, oil!!!

How often should I clean and lubricate?    Daily would be great, but I know most of you are not going to do that.  Please do this a minimum of once a month and once a week would be pretty nice.

Should I take my scissors apart to clean?      I recommend that you leave this to the Pro.  There are very tiny  parts that can be hard or impossible to replace if lost.

I was told to use detergent and water to clean.  Why do you say just water?    In cases of heavy product build-up, this may be necessary.  Some styling aids can be water resistant.  If you are doing routine maintenance, H20 should very sufficient.  It is best not to totally remove lubricating protection.  Water is the universal solvent!

How often should I have sharpening done?    Usually about every 3 to 4 months or  600 to 700 hair cuts.  Let’s do the math, and this comes out 4 to 5 cents a client.  How can you not afford to do this?

I have little nicks in my blades that I can feel when I cut.  What should I do?          Stop using immediately.  To continue will cause further damage and require additional metal to be removed for correction                                         

Other considerations:

Do not place your shears on top of your station or lay a towel on top of them.  This is the number one cause of them ending up on the floor, the washing machine, or the garbage can.  At least put them in a drawer if you are not going to put them in a case or styling apron.

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