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The great zodiac of our time has 22 IAU constellations.
First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2008, www.lulu.com/astrology. Copyright © 2008 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.

ASTROLOGY 1992 – 2012

Copyright © 2008 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. http://www.lulu.com/astrology

Scientific astrology has greatly prospered since its birth in the year 1992i. Its major achievements is the Academic Zodiac, precession of the ascendant set and universal Cartesian house system. The zodiac has 22 constellations, with a changing ascendant set as currently consisting in 16 constellations. One can change personal future at willii. The publications are mainly intimated in reverse chronology.

Third petition to UNICEF. Children have right to their true natal skies.

Conception horoscope. The Night & Day house system has 24 houses.

Talented children against superstition. Alice lectures kindergartens.

Burning of books. The event celebrates freedom from superstition.

Cartesian Software House founded in London. The first synthetic horoscope. 

Third version of cabalistic attribution for the 22 zodiacal constellations.

The progressive Hebrew zodiac as dwarf planets scale. 22 musical dwarf planets. 

Incantations, sigils and mantrae for the 64 main dwarf planets.

Centaurs in theurgy. Elipinon is Asbolus. (Work in progress). 

360 angel guardian stars receive dwarf planet attribution.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs system. Dwarf planets for children. 

The dark planets are integrated into the Tree of Life in 16+1 fashion.

Dozens of Centaurs attributed to the hidden Aethyrs around the Tree of Life.

64 dwarf planets assigned to the Tree of Life. Ain Soph problem solved. 

32 dwarf planets assigned to the (A'aTz ChIIM) Tree of Life.

Sun in Orion and Cetus implemented into native astrology and 388000 BC Egyptian. 

Cartesian house system implemented into native astronomy. The default is no house.

Dwarf Planets in the 12 houses updated for the latest H =< 4 objects.

Navaho and Hopi astronomy blended with Egyptian, plug-in on Rabbit Paws 2008.

Elevation equations compared between WTC and LHC. Timing catastrophe equation set.

Monsters Typhon, Ceto and Logos updated for LHCiii. 

Makemake and Haumea updated. Haumea enters Bootes. Bailout.

Iah congregation of planets. Spica Virginis bracketed. The fool's aspect. Bailout. 

A decade of economic decay, war lost and “socialistic capitalism”.

2008 KV42 full delineation published in the 12 houses.

D zodiac defined. The first vampire zodiac. Cross grid with X zodiac. Pavo and Retuculum.

2008 KV42 Drac delineated along with Buffyiv. Vampires in astrologyv. Outer guardians update. 

Horoscope for the Moon impact. Faustini-centric horoscope for the first impactvi. 

Tony Colaprete delays mission. Muddled results predicted. Islamic world alarmedvii.

Petition to Anthony Colaprete of NASA. Islamic apocalypse. 

'50 Moon nuke conspiracy disclosed. LCROSS mission swapped. 

2009 Moon scheduled for double impact. Faustini crater. 

2005 FY9 named as Makemake. 2003 EL61 becomes Haumea.

Record # Epoch-yr Primary Desig Name H

-------- -------- ------------- ------------------------- -----

50000 2001 2002 LM60 Quaoar 2.67

90377 2004 2003 VB12 Sedna 1.56

90482 2001 2004 DW Orcus 2.30

134340 2006 (undefined) Pluto -0.70

136108 2006 2003 EL61 Haumea 0.18

136199 2003 2003 UB313 Eris -1.24

136472 2006 2005 FY9 Makemake -0.48

Pluto is redefined as plutoid within the historical P Zodiac. 

A minor update for ex pseudo-classes of Earth co-orbitals, Apoheles and Outer Guardians. 

The Earth umbra is determined by house and major conjunctions, “Earth in the horoscope”.

The Stargates have been aligned with supervoids along the Axis of Evil.

The Bootes supervoid receives major status within the Axis of Evil. 

The WMAP cold spot in Eridanus is paired with the Bootes supervoid. 

The Axis of Evil has been determined as standard axis for every horoscope. 

Chinese Olympics with bad omens from Vesta, 2002 AW197, Orcus, Jupiter and Saturn. 

The 2006 – 2012 subprime mortgage crisis has been determined against the fall of the Fed.

2014 reestablished as focal year for the world crisisviii and Christian apocalypse. 

Further global economic crisis announced for the year 2008. 

Subprime mortgage crisis happens as predicted by 2002 AW197. Black Monday. 

A special study is published concerning centaurs in the constellations of Centaurus and Lupus. 

Centauress nymph Chariklo has been associated with the discovery of alien life. 

The ring of life has been announced in the constellation of Centaurus. 

Alien life may be present on Titan as well as reddish centaurs and comets. 

Witchållowix determines the date of the Armageddon according to military analysis. 

Witchållowx has been directedxi, assuming full role in astrological predictionxii.

Witchållowxiii receives its delineation in the 12 housesxiv (Night & Day house system).

The WMAP cold spot is ascending in Eridanus. Witchållow introduced to astrology.

World economic crisis with 2002 AW197 in Hydra. Subprime mortgage crisis. 

Venus enters Hydraxv with Jupiter in Ophiuchusxvi, announcing the Antichrist.

Mercury in Orionxvii follows Mars in Cetus in the year 2007. 

The One who Comes is determined in 650 years. Age of Aquarius after Cetus III.

All dwarf planetsxviii with to H < 5 were delineated for the benefit of future astrologers. 

The academic zodiac was introduced in August 2006 having 22 IAU constellations.

Eris receives copious delineationxix since its appearance as “Xena” (2003 UB313). 

The X Zodiacxx has been published on August 1st 2005 along with 2003 UB313.

2005 FY9, 2003 EL61, Orcus, Quaoar, Sedna, 2002 AW197 and Ixion delineated. 

Transneptunian Astrology upgrade. H < 4 with Eris in the 12 houses.

The P Zodiac is valid conclusively with August 2006 as official Academic Zodiac. 

The planetocentric systemsxxi receive their local zodiacs and ascendant sets.

Transneptunes in Enochain Aethyrs. Web awards. I Ching Aspectarian integration.

Eris displaced Pluto on the expanded Tree of Life. AIN SOPH redefined.

Reality rendering becomes standard occult procedure. Instant magick for everyone.

The Personal Cosmic Secretary joined the RTRRT. 

The “outer guardians” have been delineated within the Nibiru Research project. 

All centaurs; SDO, cubewano, plutino, KBO; Apoheles & Earth coorbitals delineated.

The Moon and Mercury received their zodiacal definitionxxii. 

Lunar, Mercurial and Venusian zodiacs. Martial zodiac. 13th Iovial intelligence. 

Venus delineated through the 21 constellationsxxiii.

The 17 dark planets with further purport. Lamia or Nemesis prominent.

The Changes have been directed within the “I Ching Aspectarian”xxiv.

Cassini Lilithxxv, the observed darkmoon, delineation & elements disclosed. 

All centaur objectsxxvi were delineated as discoveredxxvii. 

The scientific zodiac and set of current ascendants has been re-determined.

The ascendant of the U.S.A. has been determined as Serpens Caudaxxviii.

There are nearly 30 zodiacal constellationsxxix. The birth of the N Zodiac.

Fed determiend with Phoenix constellation. The Da Vincy cycle. 

The set of meridian constellationsxxx was delineated for use in financial astrology. 

Planetocentric experiments. Eros, comets, Phobos. NASA JPL HORIZONS.

Detailed scanning of the Earth zodiac and local zodiac. Cruithne zodiac. 

The zodiac and ascendant set reformed in the famous half an hour. 

The academic zodiac research starts with Moon in Sextans.

The reformation of Egyptian astrology. Early Egyptian synastry studies.

The ascendants determined fr the first dynasty. The precession of the ascendants. 

The set of ascendants for the current epochxxxi determined as 16 IAU constellations.

The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools were introduced as personal instant magick.

1992 QB1xxxii and centaur objectsxxxiii Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus were delineated.

The end of sidereal and tropical astrology. Vedic astrology upgrade with awards.

The ephemeris for the sunxxxiv was determined according to IAU standards. 

Klaudio Zic

Copyright © 2008 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved worldwide.

Redistribution of this file in any form is violation of the Copyright Law.

This copyrighted material has been previously published as available from http://www.lulu.com/astrology

Copyright © 2008 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or

Transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise,

without the written permission of the author, except when permitted by law.

i The year 1992 is significant because of the first cubewano object 1992 QB1 being discovered and delineated. The event triumphs with an unending string of transneptunian discoveries like Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar, Orcus, 2005 FY9 and Eris. The first KBO to be delineated are those with H < 5, besides a set of (comparatively small) “outer guardians” (as published within our Nibiru Research Project) and distant comets. The large comets like Wild (and Machholz) qualify as apocalyptic door openers.

iiRTRRT technology. Change negative transits to positive, install a futurity at will and more.

iiiLarge Hadron Collider.

ivVintage vampire object in early transneptunian astrology.

vDrac is of accidental interest to presidential candidate Sarah Palin in that it ascends from Scorpius into Ophiuchus.

viTiming estimated by Anthony Colaprete through private correspondence.

viiThe Prophet has split the Moon into halves. Xingu risks an opened scar. The second splitting of the Moon is Islamic apocalypse. Islamic authorities send alarm signals through youtube.

viii 2014 is the crisis before 2020. The year 2014 has been first analyzed in our publication entitled AION, as concern the fall of Vatican. The subprime mortgage crisis may be at its peak in the year 2014.

ix WMAP cold spot in Eridanus, the great void.

x The Witchållow materials have been party translated into Italian language. This is our first integral Italian publication dedicated to modern astrology.

xi By primary and secondary direction.

xii The role is twofold. The easiest way to direct Witchållow is to project it for tropical astrology use. In that way the WMAP cold spot becomes a fictitious dot at 10 degrees Taurus tropical. This projection nevertheless yields results in primary direction. The second way as especially applied to secondary progression is to keep the WEMAP cold spot in the place of origin in Eridanus while progressing objects. 

xiii Zic, Klaudio. 2007. Witchållow. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xiv The Academic Zodiac context includes the concept of the local zodiac as applied to horoscopes of beings, born on other planets. The Night & Day house system was introduced as our direct answer to the challenge of a single house system that would answer the logical needs of the astrologer as well as serve as didactic platform for the initiate. The Night & Day house system reflects the observed sky. While this statement may seem blunt, it nevertheless encapsulates mysterious simplicity. Let us not forget that the WMAP cold spot is rising in Eridanus in the Night & Day house system and nowhere else in all astrology over the past 3000 years. Neither the Chinese nor the Sumerian ever had such a house system, albeit it is the most obvious of all, being the blunt refection of the skies as we observe them from this planet Earth. Something so simple is surely welcome into our own technical culture, especially as able to handle our next step. Which is our next giant leap forward as technical culture? The Night & Day house system is able to handle local zodiacs on spacecraft as fed by the board computer. In other words while obsolete house systems could not handle Oslo in Norway, we are able to process horoscopes at any speed in whatever alien galaxy. The first obvious improvements are of topocentric nature, namely the Night & Day house system is able to analyze the horoscope for an undersea quake, as well as set the houses for the birthplace of Dalai Lama. The Cartesian system works anywhere in the galaxy with equal precision. Altitude is an integral part of the horoscope, as it is based on topocentric standards as implied within the Cartesian system. Depression and altitude affect the position of the Moon as well as other factors in a horoscope, especially when extreme. This point was largely overlooked by amateur astrology programs, which never prompted the operator at entering the altitude of the place. Considering the major difficulties that a superstitious astrology had in the past 3000 years, we can bluntly state that altitude is a minor problem of the past, successfully solved within the Night & Day house system. The Night & Day house system is actually based on azimuth and altitude, as following the logick of the observer. When the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Orion one can see it. Whatever is shown in the house system can be observed in the real sky. Prior to our house system one could not find any relationship with the real sky as astrology was rightfully considered blunder and superstition. The Night & Day house system is not in the least confined to planet Earth only. In extension, we were able to assign local zodiacs to all the planets of the solar system; in addition, experimental areas as ruled by the Earth coorbitals, outer guardians, dwarf planets or comets. The results of our research were published under Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Planetocentric Astrology. Klaudio Zic Publications. Planetocentric astrology thus marks a giant step ahead for humankind ready to be born on other planets and spacecraft with precise horoscopes even horary charts. A baby having Sun in Cygnus within the Night & Day house system is already a reality within the Academic Zodiac framework. The Academic Zodiac namely extends to other planets, alien galaxies and spacecraft.

xv Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Venus in Hydra. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xvi Zic, Klaudio. 2005. Jupiter in Ophiuchus. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xvii Zic, Klaudio. 2005. Mercury in Orion. Klaudio Zic Publications. As Lady Diana Frances Spencer, late Princess of Wales, has Mercury in Orion in her own natal chart, our special attention was focused to unusual terrorist activity surrounding the princess’ jubilee. In an apocalyptic year such as 2007, even Mars in Cetus is taken into consideration as an incentive to underground terrorism much as it exploded in the London underground in the year 2005.

xviii <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><!-- saved from url=(0042)ftp://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/pub/ssd/wld22117.15 -->********************************************************************************

The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention. The calculations are performed on the HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA.

Subject headings: solar system – zodiac, astrology – academic zodiac and precessed ascendant set, magick - RTRRT

Online material: www.lulu.com/astrology

JPL/DASTCOM3 Small-body Search Results 2007-Oct-04 07:42:47

Asteroids only parameter search: 

H < 5.;

Matching small-bodies: 

Record # Epoch-yr Primary Desig Name H 

-------- -------- ------------- ------------------------- ----- 

1 1983 (undefined) Ceres 3.34

2 2001 (undefined) Pallas 4.13

4 1981 (undefined) Vesta 3.20

19308 1998 1996 TO66 [...unnamed...] 4.42

19521 1999 1998 WH24 Chaos 4.75

20000 2000 2000 WR106 Varuna 3.52

24835 1999 1995 SM55 [...unnamed...] 4.70

26375 2002 1999 DE9 [...unnamed...] 4.82

28978 2000 2001 KX76 Ixion 3.38

38628 2002 2000 EB173 Huya 4.67

42301 2000 2001 UR163 [...unnamed...] 3.97

47171 2001 1999 TC36 [...unnamed...] 4.72

50000 2001 2002 LM60 Quaoar 2.67

55565 2002 2002 AW197 [...unnamed...] 3.27

55636 2000 2002 TX300 [...unnamed...] 3.09

55637 2002 2002 UX25 [...unnamed...] 3.60

82075 2002 2000 YW134 [...unnamed...] 4.76

84522 2003 2002 TC302 [...unnamed...] 3.84

84922 2003 2003 VS2 [...unnamed...] 3.98

90377 2003 2003 VB12 Sedna 1.54

90482 2001 2004 DW Orcus 2.30

90568 2001 2004 GV9 [...unnamed...] 3.68

119951 2003 2002 KX14 [...unnamed...] 4.50

120132 2007 2003 FY128 [...unnamed...] 4.80

120178 2007 2003 OP32 [...unnamed...] 4.10

120347 2007 2004 SB60 [...unnamed...] 4.40

120348 2007 2004 TY364 [...unnamed...] 4.50

134340 2006 (undefined) Pluto -0.70

136108 2006 2003 EL61 [...unnamed...] 0.18

136199 2003 2003 UB313 Eris -1.17

136472 2006 2005 FY9 [...unnamed...] -0.49

144897 2007 2004 UX10 [...unnamed...] 4.60

145451 2007 2005 RM43 [...unnamed...] 4.40

145452 2007 2005 RN43 [...unnamed...] 3.90

145453 2007 2005 RR43 [...unnamed...] 4.00

145480 2007 2005 TB190 [...unnamed...] 4.70

413368 2002 2000 CN105 [...unnamed...] 4.79

430181 2007 2001 QF298 [...unnamed...] 4.70

450787 2007 2002 CY248 [...unnamed...] 4.90

457421 2004 2002 MS4 [...unnamed...] 3.81

476075 2003 2003 AZ84 [...unnamed...] 3.80

481082 2007 2003 MW12 [...unnamed...] 3.60

483086 2004 2003 QW90 [...unnamed...] 4.61

483375 2007 2003 QX113 [...unnamed...] 4.90

494374 2007 2003 UZ413 [...unnamed...] 4.40

511407 2004 2004 PR107 [...unnamed...] 4.60

511494 2007 2004 PF115 [...unnamed...] 4.70

511495 2004 2004 PG115 [...unnamed...] 4.90

525332 2007 2004 XR190 [...unnamed...] 4.50

543203 2005 2005 QU182 [...unnamed...] 3.70

558138 2007 2005 UQ513 [...unnamed...] 4.10

585661 2006 2006 QH181 [...unnamed...] 3.80

615677 2007 2007 JH43 [...unnamed...] 4.60

615678 2007 2007 JJ43 [...unnamed...] 4.90

(54 matches. To SELECT, enter record # (integer), followed by semi-colon.)


xix Eris has been delineated as 2003 UB313 in the 12 houses of the horoscope. The original delineation are therefore unaffected by naming or even its nickname, Xena. Furthermore, “Eris in the 12 houses of the horoscope” has been separately applied to kids, the adolescent, women and even pets. This variegated approach to delineation follows on the trail of Quaoar, which has been delineated for love, finance and magick. Our first transneptunian delineation pertains to 1992 QB1. The major breakthrough was to come with 2000 WR106, Varuna; and whatever was written of Ixion, Sedna and 2002 TX300 is history.

xx The X zodiac has been published on an early date, august 1st 2005. At the time, much as today we were fully operative and ready for analysis after working hard on TNO like Quaoar. Gigabytes of material were written and published around a single transneptunian object because it was so important to reach planetary status from being a mere transneptunian. The race begun silently in 1992 with the first cubewano, when astrologers were generally unaware of the new discoveries.

xxi Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Planetocentric Astrology. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xxii The Moon has a special “last word” within the academic zodiac since it defines the 22nd constellation.

xxiii Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Venus in Special Constellations. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xxiv Zic, Klaudio. 2004. I Ching Aspectarian. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xxv Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Cassini Lilith or LILIT VERA. Lulu Publications.

xxvi Prior to the discovery of the first cubewano, the astrologer had only a couple of centaurs to dabble with. Pholus, Nessus and Asbolus were joined by cubewano 1992 QB1. All delineation was made before the naming thus the original delineation for e.g. Varuna are copyrighted to Klaudio Zic. All TNO and centaur objects were delineated by Klaudio Zic as published on http://www.lulu.com/astrology

xxvii That is all centaurs were delineated as they were discovered until year 2007. As the centaurs were gradually named, they never really fitted into their original delineation completely, namely all objects were delineated prior to their naming by a committee. We are planning a major revision of the delineation of all centaurs in one volume. The centaurs that have been assigned temporary designation but were redesignated later as e.g. SDO, will be included in this edition. True, we have gradually lost interest in the upcoming centaurean discoveries since giant transneptunians kept us transfixed and busy. Gigabytes of material were written and scanned around a single TNO like Quaoar. When a new giant like Sedna appeared it naturally dwarfed any centaur in importance as it commanded respect along with our total commitment.

xxviii Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Genesis Ascendant. Klaudio Zic Publications.

xxix The number was reduced to 22 in August 2006.

xxx The further studies of Eris in Phoenix (Phoenix Cycle) were based on this work.

xxxi Sets for various epochs are available from the site.

xxxii The cubewano objects have received their name precisely from their predecessor 1992 QB1. The first cubewano was nicknamed “Smiley”, then came “Karla” with tradition continuing as “Xena” and “Easter bunny” kept on popping up. All the KBO and centaur objects were delineated prior to being named, thus no influence of Greek names or mythology haunts delineation. The incipient delineation included 1993 RO, 1993 SB, 1993 RP, 1993 FW; those were the first steps into the gloriously flowering field of transneptunian astrology. 1992 and 1993 refer to years so transneptunian astrology is now 15 years old with all TNO (transneptunian objects: cubewano, plutino, SDO and the new categories) with H < 5 delineated. Zic, Klaudio. 2006. Transneptunian Astrology VII. Klaudio Zic Publications. See also Zic, Klaudio. 2003. Dwarf Planets in the 7th House. Klaudio Zic Publications. All the enlisted dwarf planets were delineated by year 2006. Special publications were dedicated to 2003 EL61 and 2005 FY9. Important as well abundant space is dedicated to Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar and Sedna.

xxxiii All centaur objects were delineated as they have been discovered and before being named.

xxxiv Here is an ephemeris strip for the winter sun, showing sun in Libra on November 23rd.

2008-Nov-23 00:00 Lib

2008-Nov-24 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-25 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-26 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-27 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-28 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-29 00:00 Sco

2008-Nov-30 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-01 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-02 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-03 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-04 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-05 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-06 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-07 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-08 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-09 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-10 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-11 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-12 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-13 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-14 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-15 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-16 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-17 00:00 Oph

2008-Dec-18 00:00 Sgr


The sun spends a week in Scorpius before heading for Ophiuchus. It is in Sagittarius during the New Year holidays.

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