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This is a piece written in humiliation.

         Have you ever gone or been somewhere and felt unwelcome?  ...like an intruder, you didn't seem to belong, weren't part of the group, were left out of conversations --- invisible really --- yet clearly there for all to see?

         Have you ever been sitting with peers while they boldly hoot and holler about a recent get together, to which you weren't invited? 

         Have you ever had someone ask for another's address so they could send them a Wedding Invitation, yet not invite you?

         Why does this happen?  Are we invisible and our feelings disregarded because of wrinkles and gray hair?  or is it because our religious beliefs are different?  or maybe it's our skin color or culture that's different?  So, ignoring us, leaving us out is okay...  Maybe we should even expect to be ignored, overlooked, left out --- because after all we deserve it and aren't quite the same as the others, or are we?
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