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Weekly Quickie Entry - Horror and Erotica 11/1/08
A young woman stepped into the clearing, her heart pounding. Keely perched in the tree above watching with interest. She could almost taste the thick, warm blood on her tongue making her mouth water as she listened, yearning to extend her fangs and take the unsuspecting female. She’d never get enough of the plentiful lifeblood, nor did she want to. It kept her immortal over the last century, making her feel invincible, alive and insatiably wanton.

The prey sighed, a warm gentle breeze blowing her blonde tresses askew to reveal bare shoulders. Keely inhaled, her heightened senses locking onto the woman’s scent as her loins began to pulsate. This one would taste good in many ways.

Focusing her onyx eyes on the woman, Keely delved into the fragile mind. Electricity engaged each of them. Reading her mind, penetrating her inner most thoughts Keely quickly learned the woman’s name was Lori. She smiled, taking pleasure in the fact that she still had the gift to invade another’s conscience so effortlessly. As her wetness intensified along with her need to feed, she stroked the flesh of Lori’s mind, preparing to stroke the flesh of her form as well.

As their minds intermingled, an exchange of fantasy ensued. Lori’s breasts heaved, causing Keely to lick her lips in anticipation of having them in her palms.

With painstaking concentration, Keely eased the spaghetti straps from Lori’s shoulders dragging her fingertips against the warm skin of her victim. A breathy sigh spilled from Lori’s lips and her head lolled backward. Touch yourself for me Lori.

Lori’s arms relaxed, gently falling to her sides before scaling the curves of her waist moving ever upward. Slowly her hands and fingers glided against her skin, circling each taut nipple, the deep cavern of her neck, and then plunging south, conquering her triangle with an urgency Keely felt as well.

She leapt from the tree landing with a thud alongside Lori, unable to wait any longer. She stared at Keely, the mental spell now broken but the physical desire overflowing within. Her vivid orbs traveled from Keely’s pale face, over the snug red peasant blouse that accentuated her ample breasts, down to the skintight black jeans and patent leather boots. Fear gripped Lori like a vice, making her heartbeat quicken as her fingers plunged deeper. Licking her lips, Keely stepped forward and smiled, reigning in the urge to feast. She placed her hand atop Lori’s and in joined motion massaged her womanhood, feeling her victim’s passion teeter on the verge of explosion.

Lori bit her bottom lip, panting, her body trembling as her climax neared. Unable to hold back any longer, she lowered her head and took Keely’s fabric covered nipple to her lips. The heat and dampness of her mouth through the blouse caused Keely to arch against her prey. Writhing in unison together, the end drawing near, Keely sang her fingers deep into Lori’s canal as her fangs protruded and pierced her throbbing cervix.

“Oh fuck yes!” Lori screamed her body shaking violently as she came.

Keely’s release followed in an intense crescendo of blood and lust, the scalding lifeblood of Lori filling the ultimate void deep within. She fed tirelessly, urgently until her prey was drained, lifeless. She eased the woman’s limp body to the leaves below, lay atop her placing kisses against her once fiery flesh.

Taran stood in disbelief, his cock hard and throbbing, breath caught in his throat. What he’d witnessed blew his mind. He was late meeting Lori, but he never expected to find her fucking another, especially a woman. It was the most intense feeling of his life, lurking in the shadows like a voyeur, turned on by watching his lover experience sexual gratification at the hands of a stranger.

The two females tangled together and going at it in public only fueled Taran's arousal. Before he could approach the women, to join them and share in the intensity, he realized that something was very wrong. His heated blood turned to ice in an instant. Lori lie unmoving on the ground, the dark haired woman sat staring at her, but hardly moved.

Anger shot through him as realization stuck like a thunderbolt. Lori was dead. He felt it in his gut, with every beat of his heart. His lover had died while he stood back and watched, turned on and unable to step up and save her. Balling his fists and expelling a breath, Taran moved forward with determination. She would pay.

The woman stood at his approach, forcing Taran to stop dead in his tracks, caught off guard by the delicateness of the dark haired beauty. Dark hair fanned over her shoulders and midway down her back, onyx eyes, as black as the night held his in wonderment. Within that gaze, his rage began to dissipate, as if she somehow reached deep inside him, soothing it all away.

How was that even possible?

Taran struggled to break the hold those eyes had on him, needed to look away, wanted to see exactly what she’d done to Lori. As if she read his mind, flicked a switched, that pull was broken. Taran gazed down on the lifeless body of his lover, grief seeping into his heart, tears pooling in his eyes and clouding his vision. Dropping to his knees, he snatched her soft hand and held it to his quivering lips.

“She was amazing,” said the woman in black, her sultry voice piercing the still night.

Fire raged through Taran’s veins like molten lava, the word was an incessant bell ringing in his ears. How many decades did it take him to find her? Dropping Lori’s hand, he shot to his feet, his fists in tight balls at his side, ready to kill the bitch who so effortlessly took away his heart’s desire. He’d never hit a woman before, but he be damned if he let her get away and not pay for what she’d done to him.

Stepping closer, he saw the sudden recognition in those onyx orbs. Taran had the upper hand, and this Vamp knew it.

“I did not know she was your servant,” she said, steeling her spine as if that would somehow save her, knowing her time had come.

Taran reached out, gripped his big hand behind her neck, inching her face ever closer. “Because you kill without thought, only out for yourself, Keely.”

Her breath caught, those eyes widening as fear pushed in and past all the necessary bravado she possessed. She tried to hold his gaze, to put him under her bewitching spell again, but without success for Taran was no fool. He’d seen her kind many times before. He would now wield that control over her like a sharp blade, giving Keely a taste of the same horror she held over the defenseless victims she choose.

Crushing his mouth to hers, Taran shoved his tongue into her mouth, reminding himself that she must pay, that this was his revenge, nothing more, nothing less. He couldn’t let his own heightened awareness and sexual prowess interfere. Keely eagerly responded to his invasion, pressing her breasts against him, clutching his shirt and holding him close to her hard body as their tongues tangled in a hungered frenzy.

As he plundered, tugging the silky hair at the nape of her neck, she moaned in his mouth, the vibration rekindling the yearning from moments earlier. His shaft strained against the denim, desire building as the bloodlust erupted deep within. Breaking the electrifying kiss, he looked down into her upturned waiting pout, the primal urge to release his sexual desire into Keely’s inviting heat before puncturing an artery and sucking on the nectar of her essence.

Taran cupped a breast in his hand, his thumb brushing across the nipple. Bending his head, he brought his tongue to trace the outline of the distended bud, slighting releasing the severe hold on Keely’s neck, moving his hand down to hold her ass as his rigid cock pressed against her. She trembled from that contact, moaned and ground her hips against him needing more.

He stopped, took her by the hand and led her to the fence that enclosed the park. Pushing her into the metal, her fingers locked into the links. Taran reached around her, quickly undid the button and zipper on the jeans thrusting them down her long stems. Keely kicked them off, and stood waiting, no protest, no griping, and ready for him to do whatever he pleased.

Releasing his pulsating dick, Taran stood behind her. With a tap of his booted foot at her ankle, Keely widened her stance. He ran his hand down the middle of her back, all the way to her firm, rounded ass. Too bad it would be their first and last time together.

Taran pushed a finger into her soaking hole, making sure she was ready for his entry, his thick rod slamming into her without mercy. Holding the base of his cock, he positioned it, heard her sharp intake of breath, watched her fingers coil tighter on the metal, and then shoved deep inside her searing heat.

“Yes,” Keely cried out.

Grasping her hips, Taran began a slow and steady pace, drawing almost completely out of her before filling her canal again. As Keely bent forward, pushing her hips back into to him, he knew she was on the verge of climax, could feel her muscles tightening all around him, a moan of ecstasy escaping her lips.

As his own release drew near, Taran positioned his arm across her shoulders, pinning her against the metal. His sac ached, his pulsating cock filled with jism. Thrusting to the hilt, the bloodlust took over, his fangs extending. Taran sunk them deep into her neck, his release swift as he drank her warm lifeblood. Keely began to squirm, knowing if he continued, she’d be completely drained, but Taran’s superior strength was no match for her.

“Please,” Keely begged, “I’ll make this up to you.”

Yellow and orange began to crest the horizon as he pulled his fangs from her neck. Time to make a decision. He could get them both to safety, or they could burn alive by the dawn’s new day and turn to dust. Did he want to wait centuries to find Lori again?

“Master,” Keely rasped, penetrating his thoughts.


~~thanks for the competition Sciwriter Nothing like a challenge to make me work twice as hard to kick your arse! *Laugh*~~
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