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Short story which explores quantum mechanics and parallel universes in story form.
In Other Worlds (working title)

The coffee was gone, but the cup remained firmly on the table. Dr. Blaize Carlin stared at the cup with pride. His experiment had been successful!

“Ladies and gentlemen, I have now successfully sent the coffee inside the cup into a parallel dimension. Please examine the cup as much as you wish, but you only have five minutes,” he said as he was running his fingers through his disheveled hair.

The seven scientists gathered around the cup and started to examine it. The cup remained warm, however all the coffee had essentially disappeared.

“How do you know that it went to a parallel dimension?” asked one of the scientists examining the cup.

“Because there are an infinite number of parallel universes, Dr. Carlin in another universe is doing the exact opposite experiment. He also has the seven of you there to observe coffee appear in an empty coffee cup that is exactly like this one,” he explained.

“How do we know that the experiment did not merely evaporate the coffee in the cup?” asked another.

“That is the reason for the five minute timer. Dr. Carlin, in the parallel universe, is going to place creamer in the coffee and send it back. Since all outcomes are possible, I feel assured that this will be the case.”

In a parallel universe Dr. Carlin beamed as the coffee appeared in the cup when he threw the switch. The seven scientists gathered in his laboratory gasped as they saw the coffee appear in the cup.

“How is this possible?” asked one scientist.

“It is possible because in a parallel universe, Dr. Carlin did a similar experiment where he sent the coffee instead of receiving it. Now I will add creamer to the coffee and send it back to him so he will know that the experiment is a success.”

When the timer was down to thirty seconds Dr. Carlin in the current dimension placed the cup back in the position it was in when the coffee was sent to the other dimension. When the timer reached zero, he threw the switch and the coffee re-appeared, a different shade, as creamer had been added.
Hello reader. To explain what happened above I must inform you of how the parallel universes work. In the scene above the experiment was successful. However, there are infinite outcomes to the experiment. The author is going to take you back to what is known as the Cosmic Dimension Point.

A Cosmic Dimension Point happens at least once and sometimes several times in each person’s life. The Cosmic Dimension Point is a point in which ALL parallel universes become exactly the same. The first CDP is birth. In every dimension of Dr. Carlin’s life, the first CDP was his birth. After that the dimensions expand in an infinite number of directions, also in every dimension, with the exception of him dying before this point in his life, Dr. Carter performs the experiment above.

The theory of the ‘Recycled Universe’, which explains that the universe is in a continuous cycle of expanding and collapsing, is the correct theory. Everything in the universe goes through the same cycle. When the dimensions all become the same, a CDP occurs.

Many paths led Blaize Carlin to perform this experiment. In one he was born to a poor family and had to earn everything in life, in another he was born into a wealthy family and everything was handed to him on a silver platter. In another dimension he learned about quantum mechanics in prison where he served a ten year sentence for accidental manslaughter. In another he read about it in his spare time between his three jobs that he had to support himself. In some he is married, some he is single, in some he is gay, but in all his interest in quantum mechanics led him to the experiment.

Many outcomes occur from this experiment. In some dimensions the experiment caused the return of Christ, some have it causing the Day of Judgment for Jews and Islam’s, some have it causing the Scientologist achievement of a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war.

Some outcomes triggered a nuclear reaction killing the 8 scientists and millions of others in a mere second. Another dimension has the coffee carrying a virus that wipes out the human race. Other outcomes include nothing happening, the coffee stayed in the cup, or that the cup explodes and coffee covers everyone and Dr. Carlin becomes known as a quack.

These outcomes sometimes could cause the story to be quite long, additionally, if I told you all the outcomes you would never be able to read it all. Just the number of possible outcomes would be large enough to fill an encyclopedia. The writer has chosen the shortest of all outcomes.

When the switch was thrown it caused a black hole to open. Not just any black hole as we know of in the universe, but, The Black Hole. Before the scientists could even register that the experiment had been conducted they were drawn into the black hole, then the building they were in, earth and finally the entire solar system. At this point a millionth of a second had elapsed. Before an entire second had expired the entire universe had been drawn into The Black Hole and as the second was completed the universe exploded and began to expand at an extraordinary rate. Four billion years later, we that watch, nudged the third rock from a sun into an orbit that would create, sustain and cause life to flourish.

The reader can be sure that he or she is in the current dimension because in the infinite number of other dimensions the author either did not write this story, wrote it and never submitted it anywhere, or changed the entire story about the coffee to a woman discussing her horrid love life with a fellow friend in a coffee shop.


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