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A magical saga of enchanted beings and an ensemble of mythologies around the world.
Chapter 1 - Noisy Footsteps

  It's early dawn, sun pixies are ready to play and plant's dews are ready to be harvested.The noise of the cockatrice's "crowing call" reaches every single inch of the Hidden Crystal Nation- one of the magical nations where all kinds of magical creatures dwell in harmony.

"Wake up Nala,- were be late for the exam." beseeched Dionne as she prepared her man sized copper bottle, which she had borrowed from her witch aunt.
"Why on a hurry?", Nala mumbled in a deep, sleepy voice.
"Dont you remember? It's our final exam day and had you better hurry up if you dont want Madame Alder to kick you out."
Nala hurried and ran with the exited Dione out to the corridors of "Grounnete Dormitory for Girls". The two had been roommates and friends for six millenniums. Dionne Mc Higgens was an indolent but determined sorceress  who dreamt of being accepted and loved by her family. Perhaps sick of being rejected by her well known family of wizards, she had enrolled herself in Hidden Crystal School of Magical Crafts to simply proved to her perfectionist father that she could improve herself. She had even dared to ask for help from her creepy but playful witch aunt, Aunt Ursula who has been Dionne's mentor for such quite time. Dionne resembled more of a witch rather than a wizard or sorcerer that compiles Mr. Mc Higgens'  factors of disliking her.

On the other hand, Nala her friend was a witty wood nymph with straightened auburn hair, glossy magenta lips and pastel pinkish skin.She studied in Hidden Crystal for her mother Arethusa,- a land nymph and the current queen of all nymphs in the Hidden Crystal Forest. Being a part of a royal blood, Nala should be as elegant, beautiful, pleasing and impressive as Queen Arethusa for some decade she will be the next queen.

An agile run disturbs the silence of the dormitory's hall. The landlady Mrs. Grounnette- a big sized old disciplinarian enchantress  was on her deep slumber not until she heard Dionne and Nala's raging footsteps. She anxiously wakes up, put on her thick glasses and slams the door leaving her bedroom and finding out what's the noise about. Worried if there's a goblin thief, she summons her emerald orb for protection.

"Make it fast Dionne", cried Nala.

"Nala wait, Im afraid we might disturb Mrs. Grounnette and the other tenants."

"You are right Ms. Mc Higgens..." surprised Mrs. Grounnette.

Armed with an angry scarlet eyes, she stared at the two ladies as if shes gonna turned them into marbles.

"I was already disturbed by your noise".

"Were sorry Mrs. Grounnette but were on a hurry. There's an exam waiting for us", explained Dionne.

"Have your parents taught you some manners? Its early dawn and its definitely not playtime girls!", thundered the landlady.

The two suffered in silence and couldn't spoke a word.

"No dinner for the both of you for tonight!" she bossed.

Exasperatedly, the fat lady hides her orb and walks back to her bedroom. The silence still remains on the two. Frightened and worried for dinner, they cautiously tiptoe leaving the hall.

Chapter 2 - The Brook Nymph

Bought afraid of getting late for the exam. Nala cant help but to think of a faster way of getting to the Hidden Crystal School of Magical Crafts Arena.

"Maybe we can ask some help for a shortcut."

"What do you mean?", Dionne asked.

"My friend Alyssa a brook nymph know some shortcuts on getting there. Come, lets find her!", suggested Nala.

They roam within the woods and finally found Alyssa sitting on a huge rock on the brook's bank. Haired with white smoke, slender and very poised, Alyssa greeted the two with a cordial smile.

" Oh, if it isn't the future queen of nymphs! Glad to meet you my friend.", she yelled.

" Alyssa listen, we need your help.", Nala pleaded.

" What help? And whose that girl? Is she also a nymph?", she asked.

" Shes Dionne, my sorceress friend."

" Hello there Alyssa. I know we have just met, but we really need to get to the shortcut leading to the Hidden Crystal's Arena.", Dionne muttered pleasing Alyssa.

" Well, the shortcut? Hm mm... I think you better sailed in the mermaid's lagoon and it'll lead you to the a hole. That hole is a portal towards the school's arena."

Alyssa helped them in full enthusiastic. For she had been helped by Nala way back before in a feud against Mami Wata. She is a bad tempered water spirit with a serpent on around her body. Allysa as a protector of a brook was always been an opposer on Mami Wata's  drowning disobedient people on water and sometimes on that particular brook where Alyssa resides. If not with Nala's political power she would have not been able to set Mami Wata on exile. Now, nobody in the magical land and sea have ever seen Mami Wata since she was executed by the law of the Nymphs.

"I'll lead you to the hole, come and follow me."

The hole was as exactly what they're thinking- a giant water hole.

Alyssa pointed it and said," Thats the shortcut."

Chapter 3 - The Shortcut

A shallow crystal cleared water-filled hollow emerged in front of them.


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