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by Favery
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What is love all about? Find out here.
The one thing I believe in most of all, is love. So, of course, I feel compelled to question what love is. Is love the placement of one person into another persons life by fate (the popular belief), or is it something more?

To answer this question, one must first determine whether or not one believes in fate. To me, fate is the idea that there is not only a greater force than myself, but that that force is present in my live and my decisions; which would deprive me of the freedom to reason and have choice. Some may think that fate is a complex combination of predestination and independent declaration. However, if this were the case, those people could not believe that fate is connected with love.

For love is an idea so pure, so simple, that our complex minds can't even begin to grasp its true meaning. How could a person love if it's out of the reach of understanding, you might ask. Well, love, in all its purity, is unified as a whole idea. By whole, I mean partless. By partless, I mean that the idea of love is held above our bodies, and our minds, and beyond the physical world. Love is sometimes associated with desire. However, desire is a greed hosted by the body, which is the lowest form of knowledge. So love cannot reside in the body, for it is too pure. And love cannot reside in a complex man's mind, for it is to simple. Therefore, love must dwell in the soul.

But does this determine whether or not fate has anything to do with love? Next, lets talk about fate. For fate to be connected with love, it would have to be as pure as love, because something as pure as the soul isn't capable of association with impurities, or it wouldn't be pure. Let me just explain something real quick, I won't get side tracked, I promise. You might be thinking: is love able to be expressed by the body at all? Well, I think so, to a degree. However, love does not come from the body. It cannot, if it is to be pure. But can't sex be the act of love in certain instances? Yes, love can be obtained through physical expression. Like a painter can express an idea as pure as the soul through in his painting. The purity of the soul, and those ideas with equal purity can be found in certain corners of the globe, because they can be brought into the physical world through man's choice; but that is the only way the soul and the body can be joined, if an idea were to descend from a man's (or woman's) soul. The body cannot, however, ascend to the level of anything more pure or whole than itself.

But anyways, for fate to be intertwined with love, there cannot be a mixture of predestination and independent chioce. Fate must be pure. Which would mean that we do not have the freedom of choice. It would also mean that it is possible that there is one person that's meant for you. And it would mean that you have no say in who that person will be. Of course, since that person would be made to be with you, i'm sure you would be attracted to them. But this is an idea that I cannot bring myself to believe. If you can, good for you. But I believe love is more.

I believe love is freedom, truth, and justice in a world full of hate, lies, and tyranny. Love, to me, is the idea that there is good in the world, and that it's active through a man's (or woman's) actions. When you, in your heart, know that something is true, like an idea you stand for, or the relationship you have with a person you have serious feelings for, love is the action you take to express how you feel about that idea, or person. It's about the freedom to choose what you believe in and bring that idea into the world. Or bring good into the world, as opposed to evil. It's the physical action you take to inspire or create something that is as pure as the soul, within this physical world. We are the portals for love to travel through to get to the physical realm. Without man, love could not exist.

Therefore, I consider it my responsibility to accomplish my beliefs through action, in order to bring my perspective of love into the world. What is love? I just have an idea of what it could be. And how I portray that idea, is how I will bring love into the world. The pureity of my thoughts, no, not my thoughts, but my ideas, will help bring light to this tainted physical world, as will yours. And, even if i'm wrong, at least i'll be doing what I believe in, and i'll be standing for something. And that's all I could ever hope to accomplish in life. Thank you for reading, i love you. j/k, lol

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