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Prose about a Native American woman and her dreams.
Rose Petal is a young Cherokee woman,
full of hopes and dreams-
loves being a Cherokee
and loves wolves, her people and the land.

She is faithful to the spirits,
True to the Cherokee tribe and customs.
Loves Stalking Wolf, a brave warrior.
She can't imagine life outside the Cherokees.

Rose Petal dances to the beat of the drum,
She smiles and dances with the other-
young Cherokee girls.
Her eyes never leave Stalking Wolf.

Stalking Wolf only has eyes for Rose Petal.
He reads her body language-
as she blows him a kiss.
Everyone can see they are in love.

The stars are out.
The stars make images of:
Bears, eagles and wolves.
The spirits are watching over the land.

Rose Petal and Stalking Wolf-
travel down the river paddling a canoe.
They stop to share a kiss-
as a wolf howls.

Rose Petal and Stalking Wolf-
will be married soon.
They are ready to start a life with each other.
They hope the future of the Cherokees will live on.

The Cherokee people have known sadness-
during the Trail Of Tears.
Some didn't survive.
The ones who did, made the Cherokees stronger.

Rose Petal and Stalking Wolf had hopes and dreams.
The Cherokees like other Native American tribes-
are still around.
They are the true founding fathers.

We should always honor the Native Americans.
They had courage and endured hardships.
They are survivors.
I am proud to be part Cherokee.

I will never know my great grandma-
who was full blooded Cherokee
but I bet she is with me in spirit
and loves what I write about the Cherokees.

Rose Petal and Stalking Wolf-
maybe they were my great grandparents.
I promise to love and respect the Cherokees
and all Native American tribes.

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