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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1488948
If words could kill

        Saint Laplace was the greatest crooner of his time. Women
      would swoon at his dulsetone lyrics. Proclaimed the king of
      broken hearts; Saint Laplace was pursued by women in every
      country. But, he was never happy.

      "I have enough weeping over my heavenly Angels." he muttered.

      A young maid rested her head on Saint Laplace' lap. She was
      slender and her eyes filled with tears; "You must never leave me
      or I will kill myself." The Saint stroked her hair gently and smiled
      down at her tiny face.

      "To cease your torment, you torment me with your jealousy.
      You will forever be tormented by disatisfaction." the Saint ran his
      finger around her pink lips. She openned her mouth in an offering.
      He placed himself in her pink mouth.

      And he sang: "A man without love is only half a man,
                          but a woman is nothing at all."

      A piercing cry filled the room. Saint Laplace gaurds raced in. The
      little flower had bitten the Saint's manhood off and spat it at him;
      "Your voice will sing Angelic heights. I rejoice in your delicious lilly."

      Reflections: Do not hesitate; do not look back; be an Angelic Warrior!

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