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No apes in my family!
Oddballs yes - Apes no.

According to Darwin's theory of evolution, I come from the family Hominidae, a genus very similar to the primates or apes.

I have, in the past, given considerable thought to this possibility. However, the only person in my family who even comes close to resembling a primate is my cousin Tom. Tom is very harry, he even has hair on his toes, and his forehead does bulge out a bit and he boasts a somewhat pugnacious jaw line. As for the rest of the family they look mostly like what they are, a wild mix of gypsies, tramps and thieves with a few odd ball normal ones thrown into the batch. I include myself in the first category because I've been a gypsy most of my life.

As for the theory of evolution, I must point to the word here that stands out most of all - theory. Theories are easy to come by. I once had this wonderful theory that if I crossed my fingers, closed my eyes and clicked my heels together, I'd wind up in the land of OZ, but it never did work. At least I don't think it did!
Evolution is merely a way of thinking or a belief that evolutionists present as fact, but like religion, it is based more on faith than any proven fact.

I personally think that good old Darwin got the words macro and micro mixed up. Micro-evolution implies that things adapt to environmental or selective changes. For example, humans are getting taller, they're living longer, they're loosing parts of their anatomy that is no longer needed. Farmers can grow bigger corn through selective breeding, fatter pigs, bigger bulls, faster horses. But, in the end result we still have humans, corn, pigs, bulls and horses, no corny pigs or bullish humans.

Macro-evolution, in it's final analysis, contends that one species can gradually change into another species, for example, an ape into a human. Once again the key word here is gradually. If such is the case then the enormous fossil record should show literally millions of transitional forms. Even Darwin pointed out this fact in his book. But, you know what? The fossil record is not there, missing, not available, nada. There is no fossil record that lays out man's physical progress through time from ape to human.

Anyone can pick up an ancient skull and say it is the missing link between man and ape but that does not make it so. Heck, if anyone digs my cousin Tom up in a hundred years they're bound to say, "here's proof that man came from the apes."

The Darwin theory also states that the universe came into existence because of a whopper of an accident. Supposedly a "big bang" set off a series of explosions that created both matter and life. Later on, a number of microbes crawled out of the primordial slime, reproduced and evolved into all the life forms we know of today. God was not involved. Did not exist!

All I have to say is, who in tarnation made the stuff that cause the big bang? Did it just happen to be hanging around, or, was it created by an intelligent designer?

Sort of reminds me of the cute story of when scientists challenged God. They told God they could create a better human than He could through advanced biological DNA splicing. God said, "go ahead, do it." But, when the scientists reached for a tube of DNA to start their creation, God said, "No! No! make your own DNA, I made this stuff." The scientists had no way to even start their human because God made all the material that they would need to begin with. They could not create their own.

I believe in creationism but I have nothing against the theory of evolution. In fact, I think it should be taught, but those being taught should be told up front that it is just a theory, a theory with few actual facts to back it up. A theory that must be accepted through faith just as I accept God through faith.

As for me, I'll take God over an ape any day!

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