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Memories of messages and a bit of fun.
Sometimes when I let people in,
they bring their friends
and camp out on my couch,
feet on the coffee table,
kicking over my book stacks.
"Get out of the fridge.
There is no more food
and nothing to drink."

Don't tell me you love and need me,
the words burrow deep in my heart,
causing an emotional fire.
I think your words are all lies,
but the pain cuts me down
and I can't go on,
so do yourself a favor,
find someone else to haunt.

Cash, that immortal and immoral
philosopher in black
said it, so it must be true,
"Tell the gossipers and liars
I will see them in the fire."

Guess where I wish you would go?
It's not through a golden gate.
You get no harp down below.

I curl up alone in my easy chair,
with a glass of wine and tears,
thinking how easy it is
to make my broken heart
my permanent home.
I will dwell behind locked doors
and shuttered windows.

Somehow I let you,
friend and lover in.
You came like an intruder,
camping out in my heart,
kicking my love apart.
Get out of my life.
There is no more room
for you to swim
here in my tears.

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