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Attracteed in good faith fallen from grace just in my mind not in body yet
Attractive and loving i always was but looking for encouraging souls to hold my spirit lonely on this planet called earth.Taken advantage bitter insults just for money is this worlds resource.

I tried million times to walk away from this much married men.He behaved so innocent when his lady was around ,whispering sweet songs as if we had some hidden secret language that no one could understand.

Eough was enough as i longed for his name,his warmth.

He called me endlessly but i decided not to answer to serve him right for when he is with his family he disregards my calls.

Finally when i returned his call bitter did he sound.I felt more hurt by the pain in his voice.Man he is though dog compared to be.But i love him for making me feel beautiful and loved,I miss him as much as he does me.But circumstances point that the fire between us of responsibility is much higher then our passionate desire for having each other.He hanged up after inquiring where was i,sure i am he is so suspicious and jealous of my absence to be uderstood by him as if i was cheating on him,ofcourse he knows i am a married women and i behave like him to be happily married.Bound to see him tomorrow at work,How can i not see him or hear him he is my Boss.Well he is not the flirtatious kind,Please do not think he beds every girl he has working for his firm.

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