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Petrarchan sonnet prompted by "jealousy"
Silent Jeer

A wicked temptress stalks her prey tonight,
With graceful gait, hips sway to generate
Heart’s sweet desires; mine slowly swells with hate,
The fires of lust sparked in the dark ignite.
Across the room the albatross takes flight,
As if on feathered feet she floats; too late
To stop her stealth approach toward my date,
I sense at once she has him in her sight.

A brush of lips, he whispers in my ear,
I turn; my face is mirrored in his eyes,
Words uttered so no one will overhear,
His hands direct me, to the door they steer,
Last glance I see her glare and realize,
Her jealousy's not veiled by silent jeer.

Note: Petrarchan, or Italian Sonnet, is a fourteen line poem distinguished by its strict iambic pentameter and rigid rhyme scheme: abba abba cdc cdc (Sicilian sestet). The first eight line stanza, the octave, establishes the theme and developes the poem in a certain direction. The ninth line is the turn which heralds a distinct change in tone from the octave. The second stanza, or the sestet, introduces a new development in a different direction, with the first tercet carrying this new direction to a definite point; and the final tercet bringing the theme to a conclusion.

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