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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Drama · #1490602
So the girl ended up with the boy she loathes. Very typical, isn't it?
Inside a fine looking house, a girl of seventeen was busy writing in her room. She was penning since she got out of bed. Breakfast and lunch passed without her. Their house servant called her over for dinner but she didn’t do like what she was told. This is important, she said to herself. This couldn’t wait.

After dotting the end of the last paragraph, a sharp sigh came out of her mouth. Hermione bent her head downward and shooked. Unknowingly, her eye shed a single tear. She was very glad that for once in her married life; she had made a right decision.

The young woman stood up and brushed her chic green dress. She sauntered for the mirror and scrutinized the way she looked. Even though how bad Hermione was feeling, she couldn’t deny that Draco Malfoy knows how to pick the best things. Suddenly, Hermione wondered if she was one of the best things that Draco had chosen.

As Hermione continually admires herself in front of the huge mirror, she heard the main door of the house creaked open and finally, closed. Curious to whom it may be, she opened her bedroom door and was pestered to see her young husband.

“Where’s Hermione?” inquired Draco to the house elf, putting down his briefcase in the chesterfield next to him.

“Inside your room, sir.” and Draco marched off.

Hermione quickly closed the door and hid the scattered parchments in-between her neatly, folded clothes. She gathered all the crumpled papers and empty ink bottles into a plastic bag and dumped it inside the dust bin just in time when Draco Malfoy came inside the spacious room.

“What are you doing?” Draco immediately asked as soon as he saw her bent towards the rubbish bin. “Granger, are you still interested with someone like you? Like dirt.”

Ploddingly, she turned around with mischief gleaming in her almond eyes. Hermione was already accustomed of his behaviour. Especially, the way his mouth talks.

“Yes, I am a dirt and will always be.” she countered. “Aren’t you disgusted with me? You could just let me go. It’s just that easy, Malfoy. Do I have to spell it out for you?”

He stared at her and something caught his attention. There in Hermione’s hand was a blot of blue ink. Under the impression on what Hermione was doing lately, Draco shooked his head with his trademark smirk and walked towards, passing her. He grabbed the plastic bag placed on the rubbish bin and searched for papers containing lengthy sentences. Alas, he found two of it.

Draco read until the very last of it. He ended up frowning and looked at her with revolt. He had enough.

“Granger, I’m so sick and tired of this. We aren’t going to have a divorce back in Muggle London. Muggle London or not Muggle London, you are still going to end here inside my house.”

“Malfoy, just please let me go. You wouldn’t even be living your life with happiness if I’m sharing it with you.” Hermione, settled on their bed, whined. “Do you know that I’m going to continue my education in Hogwarts? I had sent Headmistress McGonagall last week.”

What? Hermione decided to go to Hogwarts? Draco thought. “Get some rest Granger; you look tired.” and Draco walks off for the loo.

Hermione gritted her teeth and quickly got off their bed, following Draco inside. She wasn’t going to give up until he gave her freedom. Maybe she was always a loser when it comes to arguing with him but not this time. Hermione wanted freedom and he has to give that to her now.

“You are to stay with me whether you agree or not. If you want to study for this coming seventh term, then so be it.”

Her lips pursed, eyes frowned. “That’s not the only thing that I want.” she exclaimed hotly. Hermione’s cheeks were starting to get red with fury. “Disown me.”

But Draco wasn’t listening. After he splashed water to his face, he began to brush his teeth. This made Hermione even more aggravated. This made Hermione talk more. When Draco was done, he turned around to face her and covered her mouth with his hand, pushing her out of the loo. The girl’s eye grew wide. She tried to jerk away but Draco was too strong. When the both of them reached their bed, he removed his hand from her mouth and said they’ll talk later. The young man went back inside the loo leaving the girl very irritated.

After some time, Draco was still inside the bathroom and it somehow worried Hermione. Though she hated him for the every day of her life, there was this little space inside of her that Draco unknowingly filled. They were living in one roof for already three months and although they fought like cats and dogs all the time, she couldn’t deny the fact that she was somewhat attached to him. A bit.

Hermione twisted the doorknob of the bathroom but it wouldn’t open. It was locked. That’s strange, she thought. Draco never locks the door.

“Malfoy,” she called as she knocks on the door. “Open up, Malfoy. I need to pea.” Hermione lied. She didn’t want to look like she was concerned about him.

And then, the door opened. Draco stepped out and walked towards the bed. Hermione stared at him and settled next to him. His forehead was covered with sweat and his skin colour. It was much paler than usual.

“What happened?” she said while surveying her husband beside him. Draco didn’t respond. He just wiped the sweat on his forehead and sighed. Hermione could tell that he was somewhat nervous. “I know something’s wrong. Tell me.”

“Nothing’s wrong, Granger. Why don’t you just get downstairs and eat dinner.”

“Malfoy, the least thing I wanted to happen now is for you to have some sort of illness,” said Hermione. “So would you please tell me now.”

“No Granger. I said go.”

Hermione rolled her eyes and suspired. “Fine.”

When the bedroom door closed, he laid his back against the soft mattress of the bed and covered his eyes with his palm. This isn’t happening, he said to himself. Not right now. All the wizards and witches across England rejoiced when they received the news that Voldemort was dead. That Harry had killed him. But why is this happening?

Draco Malfoy was confused. Confused why in his arm, the dark mark was glowing back again.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1490602