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About the loss of faith in our nation.

Patriotism is a word not uttered very much in today's society. When I think of patriots I am forced to recall people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, General Patton or Chesty Puller. It is hard to think of prominent figures today who fit the bill.

If I survey the landscape of politicians today I am very troubled by what I see. After 9/11 patriotism was a word used quite a bit but it quickly fell by the way side as our leaders began to retaliate and make decisions on who was truly responsible. We then began to bicker about whether we had chosen the correct enemy to fight or the right country to hold responsible. Politicians have now used a very unpopular conflict in Iraq as a forum for their campaigns and we as Americans are lapping it up like zoo animals at feeding time. Where did our pride in our nation go? Why do we listen to Actors and Singers as if their opinions matter when it comes to our nations policy on foreign affairs? Your opinion and my opinion are just as important and it's time we realize that and start to act.

Patriotism can be defined very simply. It is pride in ones nation and a desire to defend it at any cost. So what do we have to be proud of when it seems that our leaders are going in the opposite direction from what we elected them for? How can we defend what we feel is wrong? It is very simple, I have pride in my nation. My pride is not dependent on the leaders and politicians who tell me what they think I want to hear and who use the deaths of my young Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen to propel their agendas. My pride is not in the Actors, Singers and Performers who use their fame as a forum to denigrate my nation and talk down about it. My pride in my nation is in it's people. The people who everyday get up and leave their homes to make a way for their families. It's in the Factory worker and the truck driver, the Teacher and the Doctor and yes even in the Attorneys of this country. My Patriotism is founded in each and every hard working individual who tries to create a better world for themselves and their loved ones. My Patriotism is for the Fighting Man and Woman right now on the front lines of foreign countries laying life down because they were told it was necessary.

You and I need to get back to the fundamental principles of this nation and let the politicians know that, they may not know what Patriotism is all about but we do! It's time to get up off our cans and go to the polls. If you want to be a Patriot, VOTE! Be proud of what our country has to offer, be proud of what our country has done to help other nations, be proud of your neighbor the Firefighter or Factory Worker. Show your pride every day of the week by working to make your part of this nation a little better for your family. Far too many Americans are looking for a hand out instead of working to achieve something for themselves. We have developed a mentality of entitlement that needs to be quashed. Patriotism isn't expressed and shown in the hope of something in return, it is one of the most selfless acts that a person be a part of.

I am proud of my nation, The people we see on TV are not the source of my pride, you and your families and friends, that's where my patriotism lies. I would, to fulfill the second part of the definition, gladly lay down my life to protect you and insure a safe place for your family. There are countless numbers of people who live their lives quietly and without being noticed who feel the same way. During the Revolutionary War we called them Minute Men, citizen soldiers who were ready at a moments notice to secure and defend the freedom that you and I enjoy everyday. In most countries I wouldn't be allowed to write this, in this country that I am so proud of, I can.

Stop letting the Politicians and leaders and Actors and performers get under your skin and stir up your emotions to force you into an act you'll regret, like putting the wrong people in office. Start being passionate from within yourself, let your own life and family be your pride and your patriotism and you'll soon see that this country still has much to offer you for your effort and faith. We may not have a perfect nation but stacked up against the rest of the world I'll take the United States of America over anything else. Find your passion and you'll find your pride, then you can be a Patriot and pass that on to those around you.

We have become a nation of followers, we put too much faith in our leadership and don't take any responsibility upon ourselves for the things happening today. The leaders that are in place were put there by you and I and we can change it. The bi-partisan political system still exists because you and I haven't demanded that it change and taken steps to change it. If e will stand up and make some noise become unified in what we want, we can make the changes happen. We now have access to the strongest tool ever created to unify a people. The world Wide Web, let's use it and work to improve what we don't like. This country is seriously lacking in the Grass Roots movements that have brought about reform in the past. If it had not been for visionaries like Dr Martin Luther King Jr, segregation might never have ended. Where are our leaders today? Where can we find the strength and will to take civil action to make the changes we want to see? That is easily answered, our Dr Kings are reading this right now. Our leadership for reform is right now asking the same questions. You and I are the leadership for this reform, we are the catalyst for change in America.

It is in these actions that we will find a renewed Patriotism. Patriotism isn't lost, it's just waiting on you and I to act civilly and bring about the change we want.

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