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The Holy Order Of Poussey
        The first four Sisters of the Order were Alice Le Clerc, Gaute Andre,
        Jeanne de Louvroir, and Nancy Charvenel. They were all beautiful
        and given over entirely to Christ. To provide for their temperal intrests
        their convent was set up over a sandwich shop. The Sister's bread
        was baked in the shop. People flocked to their delli for delicious
        meats and piping hot bread. The Sisters had forsworn all worldly
        pleasures; save a tasty sandwich.

        "Our innocents budded and bloomed in the midst of all this sweet
        fragrant bread. Let us bring piety and chasity to all."

        It was most distressful to Alice that her dreams were full of lustful

        "Why must my spirit hunger for flesh at night? I must find peace."

        Sister Jeanne offered to sleep with Alice to confort her. Together
        they would be vigilant against the night demons.

          "Let's get to bed before we fall down. If one us is tormented the
          other will hold them close."

        An apparition apeared before them. It was a Night Faery: Pok.
        He smiled and shook his four wings. Undressed Jeanne and Alice
        huddled together. Pok pulled the blanket from them and wagged his
        pink member.

        "If this is a dream you cannot exile me; for you bestow upon me
          what your dreams desire. What dread is their in a dream?
          Has anyone been punished by a dream? The spirit must be set

        With this proclamation Pok sowed his seed in the goodly fruit of
        Jeanne and Alice. Their fervent cries of ecstasy awoke Sister
        Guate and Nancy. Sister Nancy flung open the door and beheld
        Pok between Alice and Jeanne.

        "From what pit has this demon come; that steals our Sister's

        Sisters Guate and Nancy took up brooms and chased Poke about
        the room. Alice and Jeanne lept on top of Sister Gaute and Nancy.
        Gaute and Nancy were stripped of their night gowns. Alice rolled
        on the floor with Nancy.

        "In this moment of passion let me have the meat I desire!"

        Nancy shrieked as Alice plunged her mouth into her tender mound.
        "I have dug deep for my sweetest dream!" Alice exclaimed licking
        her mouth. Pok laughed, "My crooked iron has been made straight
        under your hammer."

        The Constable, who had been summoned by awakened neighbors,
        discovered all four Ladies of the Order of Poussey naked and covered
        in flour.

        "It is my duty to arrest you for disturbing the peace, but I must
          confess these are the tastiest sandwiches you have offered yet."


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