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Four teenage daughters. One bathroom. Madness? You got it! Writer's Cramp, November 2.
Word Count: 534

“Raining again. What a depressing start to the day.”

I sigh as I open my eyes, my clock radio encouraging as ever on the first day back to school. This year is going to be a little different, however. I'm going to get all of my makeup on (not to mention clothes), I'm going to eat a full breakfast, and I'm going to get out to the car before my father even has a chance to start blowing the horn.

This year, I have a plan.

I have set my clock to begin blaring its pleasantries at five to eight. Why is this significant? Well, I am lucky enough to be one of four teenage sisters in a house that contains only one bathroom. You're probably thinking, “Must be mayhem in the mornings.” You'd be right. Now, usually, all of us have our clocks set to eight o'clock. I don't know why we never set our clocks to different times before. I mean, if we'd sat down and really thought about it, we probably could have worked out a system or something, like crop rotation for our bladders...

Anyway...we didn't, and it always resulted in a out-and-out morning riot. I would open my door, and across the hall I'd see my sister Karen, older by one year, blinking back at me. Next to Karen, a third door would be opening and one of the younger twins, Carrie or Anna, would burst forth, leaving the other on the floor, plus a bruise or two and less a few clumps of hair. Then me, Karen and the winning twin would hurtle down past our parent's closed door, pushing, shoving and shouting all the way until one of us managed to beat the other two off and get to the bathroom first.

Not this year. This morning, I hop out of bed...yes, hop, and I am quite cheerful as I approach my door. Then I hear something. I stop dead in my tracks. Could it be? I fling open my door just in time to see Karen doing the same. We stare at each other, incredulous.

“Get off! Get off!” The door to Karen's left is thrown open now, and Anna is standing triumphant in the doorway. Her face falls when she sees us. And then, the race is on. I find myself behind Anna, but catching up fast. I reach out and grab a handful of long, auburn hair, and fling my sister back behind me like a rag doll. I am ruthless. As I arrive at the bathroom door, I hear Karen closing in on me, and aim a clumsy kick to the rear. It has the desired effect, and I'm in! I've won!

“Serves you all bloody right!” I crow to the groaning voices outside. I have won. I am elated, but utterly worn out.

“I'm bursting!” Anna yells.

Carrie has marched over to my parent's door, and is shouting, “I am going to have serious bladder problems when I grow up!”

I go about my business, ignoring their pleas. My ankle hurts.

Oh, my ankle.

Tomorrow, it's ten to. And I'd like to see any of them try it!
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