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TV Sci- premise - A living darkness enshrouds the earth.



Robert M. O’Hannon

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By Robert M. O’Hannon

An all-consuming darkness has shrouded the earth. Day has turned to eternal twilight, civilization as we know it is gone, and most of mankind has succumbed to a new “Dark Age”.

But a few resist the darkness as they hunt for the one man who may be able to help them rekindle the light, a legendary scientist known only as “Noah”.

The day after tomorrow. The largest particle accelerator in history is set for its trial run. Despite widespread fear that the experiment could trigger and protest, including warnings from the system designer.

The accelerator is activated and something no one thought could happen occurs – dark matter from another dimension crosses into ours. The dark matter (“THE DARK”) rapidly spreads beyond the research facility, in search of the power it needs to survive.
Our energy-loving civilization crumbles as THE DARK spreads, consuming all power sources in its path, including sunlight, leaving eternal twilight in its wake. The only thing THE DARK can’t consume is fire.

And if that weren’t nightmare enough, we learn that THE DARK is alive, capable controlling weak or willing human beings through their bio-energy. And many are willing for the power it gives them.

Five years later: THE DARK, with few exceptions, covers most of the world, and is spreading even further. Most of mankind is reduced to a near medieval lifestyle, with pockets of technology reserved for those who have embraced THE DARK.
Known as THE DARKONES, they come to physically fear and hate the light, and fire in particular. They are willing to do anything to keep their status, including destroying those who resist THE DARK.

A loosely organized, fractured resistance movement arises. An uneasy alliance of religious zealots, techno-geeks, survivalists, and ordinary folks fight to retain their independence and defeat THE DARK.

They learn that there is one man who might be able to help – a legendary scientist known only as “Noah”. The series follows them as they fight against THE DARK and its allies to find “Noah”.

JAMES “Jim” TATE – mid 30s, former “Top Gun” Navy fighter pilot. THE DARK knocked the passenger jet carrying him and his wife and young son from the sky. His family was killed in the crash and he still suffers from the psychological wounds. A natural leader, Jim is tough and dependable, able to use his Navy survival skills to good advantage in this new, twilight world. His battle with THE DARK is both personal (revenge) and professional (victory). The balance between these two things sometimes affects his judgment, leading to confrontations with his team, particularly with –

KALEY BENNETT – late 20s. Kaley is a Minister in the Australian Anglican Church. Another survivor of the jet crash, Kaley ministers to the other survivors’ spiritual and psychological needs. She will learn that her family has been killed by The DARKONES. Unlike Jim, she is able to accept the grief and channel her energy to helping others. This puts her into conflict with Jim. This will be complicated by their attraction to each other, and her confrontations with –

DANIEL MILLER – 40s. A spiteful, vengeful man, he sees THE DARK as God’s judgment for mankind losing its way. And this includes what he considers to be the blasphemous practice of appointing females as ministers! Daniel’s message appeals and motivates some of the survivors they need for the resistance, making him a dangerous but necessary ally. Daniel’s conviction that he is the only one who truly knows what is happening, and what to do about it, causes him to form some dangerous alliances with people like –

GRANT TAYLOR – late 30s. Jim’s former base commander, and now a Darkling. Grant rationalizes his choice to accept THE DARK as a way to defend his country. THE DARK uses him and his jets to launch strikes on areas of resistance. Through Daniel, Grant learns that Jim is searching for “Noah”, the one man rumored to be able to defeat THE DARK. Grant swears he will stop Daniel from finding –

“NOAH” – late 50s, early 60s. Noah is rumored to have spent his entire life and fortune preparing for the moment that is now at hand. Rumored to have built the only device that can defeat THE DARK, “Noah” went into hiding many years before. We will only see “Noah’s” image through a device that can penetrate the darkness and return sunlight to the earth.

COURTNEY BLAKE – 19, very bright and very pretty college student. Courtney’s knowledge of botany and, in particular, her subspecialty – mushrooms, is of value to the team. When THE DARK crisis hits, Courtney was on a wilderness expedition with –

MARK BLAKE – 20s, Courtney’s older and very protective brother. Mark is a big city X-Gamer with an attitude, but a heart condition kept him out of the big time. Mark tends to ignore his condition, which leads him to take risks he shouldn’t, particularly if those risks involve taking care of his “baby” sister. Mark’s impetuous nature makes him vulnerable to temptations of THE DARK. Mark’s disregard of nature puts him in conflict with -

BRENDA FULLER – mid 30s, look for her picture beside the words “New Age” in the dictionary. She is Courtney’s college advisor and was on the trip with them. Rumor had it she was seeking a different kind of mushroom than Courtney. Brenda always looks for the light in any situation, and if she can’t find it she’ll create her own.

“DARKONES” acting as agents for GRANT TAYLOR and THE DARK, as well as others, who will be with the series for varying amounts of time according to story line need, will appear and disappear.

Each episode will have a strong beginning, middle and end in terms of the introduction and conclusion of the central conflict and/or confrontation between our resistance group and the forces of THE DARK as they continue their quest to find “Noah”.

The relationship between characters is not static, and will change (not always for the better) and grow according to the situation, rewarding viewers and fans for their interest.

As the action unfolds our diverse and often dysfunctional group of characters will make their own contributions, sometimes adding, and sometimes hindering the battle, as they travel the land in search of safety and the ever elusive “Noah.”

Each week Jim and Kaley will clash (despite or because of their attraction) over dealing with the challenges the group faces as they struggle to adapt to this new DARK AGE they find themselves in. And despite the best efforts of Jim to keep the group united, various characters will be tempted by their own darkness to give up the quest.

Arriving at a new location each week, the group will be called on to learn just who is friend or foe. Each week they will meet other characters, some whom they will be able to save, and some who will fall.

Will Jim be able to keep the group together? Can Jim and Kaley overcome their own darkness and lead the group to safety? Will they find “Noah” or will they succumb to THE DARK?


1.  “THE COMING DARK” (two-hour pilot) – Jim Tate leads his ragtag group of survivors into the ruins of Bakersfield as they search for the mysterious “Noah”. But will they survive the coming of THE DARK’s agents?
The pilot provides background and details on how THE DARK came, the formation of the resistance, and the object of their quest. Through interaction and flashback we will learn more about the characters, and THE DARK and THE DARKONES.

2.  “THE MOUNTAIN" – Following clues uncovered in Bakersfield, the group heads for Mount Whitney. There they meet Courtney, Mark, and Brenda. They are pursued by DARKONES, who may have someone on the inside helping them. Has Mark gone over to the other side?

3.  “THE VALLEY OF FEAR” – The group finds another clue on Mount Whitney, this time leading them into Death Valley. But once again they are tracked by DARKONES. Are the clues they are following real, or part of an elaborate trap?

4.  “CITY OF SIN” – Seeking “Noah” at an old, underground lab the group reaches dark and deadly LA, which abounds with DARKONES, and predators taking advantage of THE DARK for their own purposes. As they work to recruit new members, will Mark succumb to temptation and betray the group, or will they be able to save him?

5.  “DARK END” – In LA, Jim and the group organize resistance cells which fight to free LA of the DARKONES’ influence, neighborhood by neighborhood. GRANT TAYLOR arrives with his DARKONES military unit, bent on destroying them all, and the city with it if necessary. Can the group survive?

6.  “THE FIRE CHILD” (Season One Finale) – During the DARKONE attack in LA led by GRANT TAYLOR, Kaley becomes separated and finds a group of children living in the storm drains, including the granddaughter of “Noah” who claims to know where he is. Can she save them, and herself, from THE DARK’s relentless pursuit?

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