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My Thoughts on Poetry
Prologue (Poetry Is An Open Forum)

Poetry(from the Greek "ποίησις", poiesis, a "making" or "creating") Poetry is just that, it is the creation of it's writer. The most exciting thing about poetry is that even though Literary Rules exist for it all those rules are non-existent once you begin to write. I have learned that poetry is written for the poet. As a poet I write for myself, yes, it feels good to hear someone comment on your poetry in a positive way but it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Poetry comes from the heart of the writer, it is the true essence of who we are and it flows onto the paper. Take a look at the following example.

An explosion of light and a thrum of echoed voice.

A creation undertaken when at first I heard your voice.

New firmament thrusts forth when you bid me come along.

The vast expanse of space now to you and I belongs.

New foliage and plant alike have life with you in view.

New creatures spring forth elated they are given life by you.

A living spirit and soul I have with you in my life to stay.

Your beauty is all powerful, Your love and life I crave.

I wish to feel your body your spirit and soul and breath.

For you are my universe encompassed, You are my life and death.

That short summary of true feelings was written so that I could express feelings that I had and did not have any other medium to express them in.

I have learned in the last 37 years that Inspiration must come from within. Sure there are things that touch me deeply but the inspiration was there already waiting for some spark to ignite it. Take the next example, Again the Theme is Love. A first meeting of Lovers, a new beginning.

A flurry of emotion, a gasp of disbelief.

How could I feel this way, at a glance, a look so brief.

My mouth is dry and frozen, my jaw is locked in place.

The words I wish I'd spoken, lost in time and space.

I see your lips in smile, Your eyes in laughters clutch

I feel your hands in mine, your body without a touch.

I hear words more clearly, than ever I have before.

"Let there be light!" A world recreated now and evermore.

A wave of lost emotion, comes crashing into view.

The stars sing a new song, a song for me and you.

Cosmic powers are released, Like a genie from his lamp.

My heart is overpowered, my mind you do enchant.

I have found a new direction, for a life lost and undone.

My spirit is renewed, and my Soul with yours is one.

A moment is all it took, for you to take my heart

A moment in time remembered, From it I cannot part.

Take a look at your daily life, find what you are most passionate about and write about it. Remember as you write that you are the creator and the poetry is your world.

Open your mind to what is in store and open your heart for that is the door. Poetry not from the soul is poetry not at all.

Have fun and remember that one cannot be taught poetry, it must come from within.

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