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SG-1! I miss you!
Chevron 6 encoded. Chevron 7 Locked...Outgoing Wormhole established. 200 Episodes of Stargate SG-1... That's 10 full seasons! The popularity of the show never dwindled over the course of 10 seasons, rather it's popularity increased over the course of all the seasons and it still has an amazing following today. I fell in love with Stargate the moment I watched the original movie starring Kurt Russell as the troubled yet dashing Colonel Jack O'Neil and James Spader portraying an allergy stricken Dr. Daniel Jackson. Having the Series explode onto the scene in 1997 was just the icing on the cake.

Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks replaced Russell and Spader and have become the originals in the minds of SG-1 fans worldwide. Add to that the voluptuous Amanda Tapping and rock solid Christopher Judge and you have a combination that is unbeatable and the recipe for success in the sci-fi world.

As time passed we saw some new faces with Anderson being promoted to Brigadier General and SG-1 breaking up. It took a little time and some creative script writing to get them back together but once that was accomplished SG-1 newcomer Ben Browder created another loveable SG-1 commander in Lt Colonel Cameron Mitchell. When you add Vala (an oversexed unscrupulous con artist and former Goa'uld host, played by Claudia Black) and Jonas Quinn (Corin Nemec) and you once again have a series destined for greatness.

One would think that if a series showed continued success season after season that the Sci-Fi wouldn't think of taking it off the air. After 200 episodes and ten successful seasons we received a humorous accounting of some of the most action packed episodes and the promise of at least 2 SG-1 DVD movies. Seems to me that "200" as it was named would have been better if it could have followed the "All Good Things" spirit set by Star Trek the Next Generation.

If Sci-Fi wants to end a successful run, perhaps it would be better to run at least a 2 hour series finale and go out with a bang. "200" just whispered the ending of a great relationship. It was kind of like ending a 10 year marriage with "thanks, See you later". After investing ten years in following such a dominate series my faith and love deserve more than I got.

Thanks to the invention of the DVR coupled with my Satellite dish and receiver I can watch SG-1 as often as I like. Come on Sci-Fi.... we need a few more outgoing wormholes. Please excuse this unscheduled offworld activation and open the iris, My IDC is that I have followed this program for years and would love to see more. SG-1 deserves a better ending than a couple of DVD movies. Let's take it to the Big Screen again....!

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