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This monolouge is written about me and how I fell people look upon me.
I Will Always Be More

I am not a book.
So do not give me a title.

Do not describe me with just one word and call it my name.

I am not a crayon.
So do not under estimate my color.
It can be pure as white
Or as fiery as red.

I am not an exhibit.
So don’t judge me by my display.
Don’t place me in just one category.

I am not an animal
So do not tell me how fast I can run
Or how high I can climb
You will not hold me in captivity
Even if you place me under lock and key

I am not a clown
So don’t let my appearance fool you.
I can be as deep as an ocean when I want to be.

Don’t give me just one title to live under or up to because
If my title becomes queen
Then I’m not just a queen

I will always be more than that

If my title becomes president
Do not think of me as just a president
I will always be more than commander and chief

If my title becomes intelligent
Do not miss out on a second glance of me

There is more to me than my knowledge

If my title becomes beautiful
Look past the beauty and you will find more

I’m like a bottomless treasure chest
You never know what treasures you’ll find within me.
I’m still searching
Each day I provide myself with a new treasure
I have more potential within me than a sea has water

I’m a race car with no brakes, and I only accelerate.
I will not stop because you’re in front of me.
I will not stop because you tell me that the end will never come.
I will not stop to watch you display your callowness, ignorance, and arrogance.

And when the end is near I still won’t stop
Even though I have surpassed the finish line.
Even though I come in 1st

I still won’t stop

Because I am more than a winner

I am a conqueror

Do not give me just one title

I will always be more than that
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