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companion poems with Bob
"Giver of Light [E] by destinydances

The windchimes ringing on the garden fence
Apprise me of their sound as I pass by.
With coming storm they resonate suspense
As darkness greys the shadow of my eye.

Though barefoot in the rain, I do not run.
The wind cries out as if it screams my name.
I wonder what it is that I have done
That broke my stride and rendered me this lame.

The way is rocky often to the end.
I see your orchard gate just up ahead.
The windchimes tinkle "welcome, my dear friend."
It's here your solace reigns, my spirit's fed.

When all roads end another leads to you.
In shelter of your light all things renew.

"Giver of Love" by Candlemaker

Is there a place where all roads really end?
Do all roads lead to Rome? Could this be true?
I know the way is rocky round the bend.
My guess is all my roads shall lead to you.

I think that all roads surely lead to “roam”.
A certain sojourner out on the road
Can find himself a million miles from home…
A million miles from home with heavy load.

The memory that resonates my day,
As wind chimes on the fence have found me here…
The knowledge you are never far away,
And softly now I find you drawing near.

I smile to find you tapping on my door,
As you have done ten thousand times before.

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