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Two worlds come together within Holly's dreams.
Many years ago, my dreams of Saphira vanished completely. I miss her, but maybe my life is better off now. I'm 15, and I attend a high-school, leading a pretty usual life, or so I thought...


"Holly! Wait for me!" Amber panted, stumbling after me.

I laughed and slowed my pace along the line of the gym, keeping my pace steady. My heart was pounding against my rib-cage, my shallow breathing wasn't making it any better. "I have to push myself if I want to become better," I told myself that repeatedly every time I wanted to quit.

Amber's shoe fumbled onto my ankle as I stepped back. Her arm flung ahead of me as she began to tumble on me. I used what skill I had to try and lunge my body forward as well. A warm, sweaty hand slid onto my shoulder for support. I squirmed, trying to escape it. My right foot pivoted back, beginning to slide further back along the gym floor. An impact from behind, it was Amber! We started falling slowly toward the ground. I tried to keep us up. I tried, and I failed. Our bodies collapsed in sync together. Multiple students flew over us, or tripped and fell across. Soon enough, a dog pile was formed on the gym floor. My lungs felt compressed as my eyes fell shut. The voices around me were faint, but still recognizable. The girls above me began to scream. I could feel Amber fighting for breath.

I turned my head to where I could whisper in her ear, "It's not worth it to struggle..." I paused to grasp a short breath, "you'll be fine..."

"Alright Holly...I trust you." Amber replied softly as she followed my advice.

Her stomach against my lower back was warm. Struggling, I managed to get my arm free from under her leg. I began to press my face against the cold gym floor, letting myself slip into my own death. Momentarily, a cold hand slipped across my neck. I couldn't move, I could only feel and hear my surroundings. Was I actually dead? The hand upon my neck was removed and placed on my cheek, their thumb pressed tightly against my skin. Another finger placed on my eyelid. Light began to reach my eyes and the person hovering above me became noticeable, but still blurry. No facial details could be seen. "Holly, are you alright?" His voice cut the silence.

I was relieved to know someone cared for me, and very pleased to know that that someone, was a boy.

"I...I'm fi-" I began to speak, but was interrupted by his finger pressed against my lips. He hushed me and leaned down closer, his soft brown hair fell against my face, tickling slightly.

"Do you know my name, Holly?" His voice was content to me.

The boy's face began to become clear, his tan skin complimented the shadows, his eyes as the ocean blue itself. That make it almost impossible to keep from staring in awe, at least for me.

"L..Liam?" I replied in a whisper.

The other students surrounding us whispered and stared, most speaking about the scene. Liam withdrew himself from me and stood by my side as he smiled, looking down on me. Multiple people came to his side to help me as well, they all seemed familiar. I grabbed Liam's hand as well as his brother's, Devon's. His team of friends; Josh, Jeff, Aaron, and Seth, all grabbed me to give me the support I needed. I blushed at the though that these rough boys were actually being gentlemen for someone like me! Shaking me head, I began to think, 'Is this really happening? Am I dreaming?'

Seth and Liam shook their heads as if they could read my thoughts. Devon lifted his arm and wrapped my arm around the back of his neck, then turned his head to Liam, telling him to do the same. "What...what are you guys doing?" I questioned while Seth and Josh gripped my legs.

"You're injured? Did you not know that?" Aaron replied, sliding his hand under my back.

I winced and began to shift uncomfortably in their arms. "I know I am, but I could make it on my own! I swear!"

"Non-sense Holly. You couldn't make it an inch with that ankle you have."

Seth began to snicker as he redirected his eyes to my ankle. Josh pushed my leg up to where I could see it, my stomach became uneasy. To me, it looked like a freshly cut slab of meat, covered fully in my own blood. I leaned my head onto Liam's shoulder and hid my eyes. He released a small growl from the back of his throat just as he jerked his head in Aaron's general direction. I giggled to myself at the thought. "Why do you have to growl like that?" Aaron questioned

"It gets your attention well enough, does it not?" Liam replied

I opened my eyes to realize a swarm of students were surrounding us as we heading out the doors. All eyes appeared to be directed at me, all were talking about me as well. I felt as though I was a queen. A queen being carried by the strongest knights of the land. Their armor stained with red, deep gashes covering every length of it. I smiled and nodded at everyone's similar question, "Are you okay?"

Everyone knew my name now. I was please, but yet, unsatisfied still. My body began to shake as I looked at Liam, his face so serious, no emotions slipped through so easily. He smiled a bit at me, I returned the smile to be polite and leaned my head on his shoulder. Devon jerked my arm so that my head lay on his, my smile faded as I held my head up on my own. "Aw. That hurt..that really hurt." Devon frowned at me, then looked away quickly. His body felt colder and limp as he let his own body flow with mine and the others.

"I-...I'm sorry Devon." I replied.

He kept silent and so did I, even when Josh or Seth spoke to me, I kept quiet.

Before I know it, I was laying against the soft velvet seats of a large silver Ford. My eye-lids were heavy, but I managed to stay awake. Rain began drizzling down onto the hood of the car, the rain pattering against the roof made it seem like it was pouring a storm of cats and dogs. The idle chat of Liam and Devon continuously broke the silence. They were speaking about the weather, changing topics from time to time, but they always returned to their main subject.

I leaned my head back to be able to peer out of the window, the sky turned a shade of blood red as I blinked. Placing my hand on my cheek, I stared deeply into the sky and blinked again. All of my surroundings turned a depressing shade of gray. I slid my hand to my forehead and pushed my fingers through my bangs, moving them down to cover my eyes. My mind began to close out from all of the sounds, and images that I once received. A whistle of wind rushed outside momentarily through the window. The gray-scale fell to blank as my heart pounded once again. My thoughts and dreams began to take wing. This moment I had waited for, for so long…-




The touchy breeze of the silent night swept through the narrow opening of my window. I shifted to my side, groaning at the light that shone in. My eyes peeked open? still nothing came into my mind. The cold front nipped at my face. Cold sweat broke out upon my forehead, tickling as it fled. Alone? I was alone. No one was here to comfort me and embrace me. Nobody.

I kept the recent thought of what had happened earlier in my mind, "I'm such a cluts." I frowned.

My heart sunk into my chest while I gazed out the window. I began to realize that my dream and the real world had clashed together. A boy seemed to be running towards my window. He yelled my name out repeatedly. His dark figure moved so gracefully while the fog and dust surrounded him, it seemed as though he was walking on nothing but air alone. I directed my eyes to my clock, "Four o'clock.." I mumbled

My heart shattered. Shards of glass flew, piercing my body heavily as I was flung back on my bed. "Is this what would have happened?!" My thoughts raced within that very second the window crashed.

I tried to remain in a calm state while flipping myself to the side and falling to my hands and knees. A dark body stood in front of me, back turned to me. My only instinct was to get away, but he jumped back, keeping his position in front of me. Light touched his body, it became clear to me. "Liam!" I screamed out to him.

My own fantasy took over his figure. His dark clothes became the armor of the darkest kind; night shade black.
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