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Attempt at the reason why we are here.
    The light attaches to the girl. Or the essence of the girl rather. It flies and swirls around her, brighter and faster. The intensity begins to grow and grow until it is painful to examine with the naked eye. Solidity occurs. The little lights slow their buzzing and whirring, coalescing into a kneeling form. Pale white skin is formed on the figure, its smoothness incredible. Nakedness is evident as she straitens her form, staring about in bewilderment. Little flowers stand around here feet, she turns, and they catch the miniature specs of light as they fall from her shoulders. Trees with large, dark branches sprawl powerfully overhead, and a great ball of blinding fire gleams from the sky, slashing through the branches to warm the clay-like soil. The shadows from the tree shimmer slightly as a breeze weaves through the branches overhead.
    Not knowing where to go, never having had a tangible thought before in what one would call a "mind", the girl sees what could be a small path and begins to walk upon it. Her bare feet glide over the ground, and she occassionally hops along a smooth rock, smiling with contentment as she wanders along the forest path that has become her quest.
    As she wanders through the deep woods, all of the woodland animals look up to view the being that has entered their lives. Tiny specs of light still wind themselves through her hair as she skips across the path.
    She has no purpose that she knows of. At the moment all she knows is that a path leads this way, and for whatever reason, she will follow it. Consequences, good or bad, do not enter her mind. She doesn't even know the meaning of "consequences". Danger? Fear? Those things havn't been designed yet. Her mind has not yet been afflicted with these things.
    The path leads itself to a river, although she is not yet able to label it with such a name, even the fact that it is "water" has not yet become known to her. Yet she knows no fear, she doesn't know that she could potentially slip and fall, or hurt herself. She sees the waters sparkle over the rocks and a smile covers her face, and her eyes twinkle with happiness. She hurles herself into the liquid mass and discovers joy.
    The water washes the last of the sparkles from her hair as she splashes and laughs with genuine glee, knowing that in this moment only happiness and joy exist. For that is all there is for her. Happiness and joy. She doesn't even register what they are. Again, labels have not been formed, the necessary dichotomy has not yet transformed a difference between happiness and sadness within the confines of her new awareness.
    Noticing that the trail continues on the other side of the river, leading further into the shadow darkened forest, she skips across the shallow waters and climbs up the far bank.
    She travels for what seems like forever, although the ball of fire in the sky does not move, and the shadows stay the same as she wanders through the forest path. Finally she comes to the end of the path. The forest breaks away and she is left standing upon a ledge thousands of feet in the air, overlooking the world.
    A voice booms through the air, and although she knows no language to speak of, she understands its meanings perfectly.
    "So...You have made it ." The voice is gentle, touched with love. Yet she notices a touch of sadness located within the deep rumble. It is at this moment that she first realizes the dichotomy. The sadness expands her understanding of happiness, and tears well in her eyes. The wind gathers to hold her close, touching her gently. She raises her face, and speaks without speaking.
    "Where am I? What am I?" she whispers, her voice carrying with the wind out across the world, and every being already created hears her words, and as one they move their head to the side slightly, listening intently.
    "You are." The voice booms in answer. The sadness in the words deepens, and tears now stream down the girls face, her confusion manifested. Fear touches her soul for the first time, and its hold is terrible indeed, wrapping its cold talons around her being even as fire lashes her delicate form. The animals of the world scream as they feel her sorrow and terror.
    "But...why?" The tears smash into the solid ground beneath to her feet. She is kneeling now, and her knees are bruised by the hard surface she is upon. Suddenly pain is apparent, and she bleeds, cut by a jagged piece of rock. Her blood, brightly contrasting the grayness of the stone, mingles with her tears, and creates a waterfall which falls from the cliff to the world below. It takes an eternity for the booming voice to answer again as the girl kneels, sobbing and broken on the cliff. When it finally does, the sadness has grown to such an expanse that it crushes the girl.
    "Curiosity." The voice catches, and the girl curls upon herself and screams. She doesn't know what to do. Her confusion, pain, fear is multiplied a thousand fold until she shudders on the ground, staring at the still blazing ball of fire. She understands the dichotomy perfectly now. It has been accentuated by one word. Her blood and tears have dried, they no longer fall in a rain to the world below.
    She jumps.
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