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A troubled mind thoughts on life and death.
Death to me is sorta like a sick twisted joke. You mean to tell me your born knowing that some time, some way your no longer going to be here?  And that's when all the questions come into my mind, what is our purpose, are we just living to die?  And if we are living to die than what's the point in that.  I once heard "To live is to suffer, to survive...well that's to find meaning in the suffering."  I see it clearly life is what you make of it but your death now that's inevitable.  How can your life be what you make of it if the ending to your story is not in your own hands.  So does it matter if you eat your lunch out today or should you stay in the office. Or does it really matter which way you take home?  Does taking a new way instead of the same old routine mean something. Does taking that left really mean were going the right way?  To me it makes me wonder if there's a way to add days to the calender. Maybe the day your born that date is marked and all choices in life end you @ the same place. Which in that moment is when we will all know the answers to the questions that come to us in our darkest hours.  Sometimes I find myself wide awake in bed and I wonder where I will be, when is my number up, when do I meet my maker? What will it feel like to be in that moment.  I believe when it comes, Time is almost @ a stand still and you know your going to die but you also know everything is going to be alright. I think in our last seconds all of our questions are answered and we know if there is life after death.  Maybe angels come to you, maybe there is just a sensation of feeling lonely. It's almost as flipping a coin, Heads eternal life ; reincarnation and Tails a pine box in a cold hole in the ground. I guess if were meant to be "nothing" forever than in the end we really ended up @ the beginning and the nothing we came from.
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