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by Bruce.
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Disaster when Missy Mouse moves home, but then...  Rhyme
Missy Mouse.

Missy mouse, left the field, when her partner died.
Gave up the cold and wintry place, for a spell inside.
She went into a terraced house and sniffed around the floor.
If there was a trace of cats, then she would try next door.

The house was fine, she went outside, returning with her kin.
Young Jennifer, Frobisher, Timothy and Lynn.
Now Frobisher, he chewed a wire, till he reached the copper.
Two forty volts, a blinding flash, the young mouse came a cropper.

A piece of cheese was found by Lynn, on the kitchen floor.
She took a bite, the trap hit tight, poor Lynn would eat no more.
Young Jennifer curled up in pain, before she passed away.
From eating all the poison bait, found in a plastic tray.

Then to the yard to search around, went explorer Tim.
Not seeing Kitty on the wall, that was the end of him.
Missy mouse dashed from the house with fear upon her face.
Back to the safety of the field, that cold and wintry place.

Now wait a minute, poet bloke, what have we done to you?
To treat us all so wickedly, a nasty thing to do.
We were so happy, with our lives, out there in the field.
Then one by one my partner and my little ones were killed.

I know some humans like to write, a poem every day.
But writing nice and loving things is such a better way.
So go and change your poem sir, and get it back on track.
I'd be so grateful, if you'd give me, all my family back.

All right, my little furry friend, don't think that I don't care.
We'll change the theme, to waking, from a scary old nightmare.
Your family's in the wintry field, they're fine and they're not dead.
So go away, leave me in peace, and get out of my head.
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