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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1495245
The conjugal union of a man and woman

            Muzzy sits by the fire place reading his Entertaiment Magazine.
        Arf! Arf! Arf! "Hmf? What is it Checkers?" Nadya: Muzzy's mail
        order wife walks over with a cup of hot chocolate for Muzzy.
        "Slurp. Thanks hon. Could you rub my neck?" Nadya complies
        with a smile. Rrrrrrrrrr? Arf! "Sigh, what now Checkers? Oh, hi!"
        Ting: Muzzy's second mail order wife approaches. She has some
        chocolate chip cookies. "Well, that's very tasty."

          "You know there's nothing more satistifing than a Man spending
      time with his brides." Arf! "Heh! and his faithfull Terrior." Muzzy
      sips his hot chocolate. "Husband we are troubled." Ting interjects
      and bows her head. "Burp. Wht's-up?" Muzzy puts his magazine
      down. "As we are Mormons and believe in the litteral truth of Holy
      scripture. My sister wife and I are fearfull for our sons."

          "OK. What did they do this time? Flood the school bathrooms?"
      Muzzy patted Checkers and bit a cookie. Nadya put her hands on
      Muzzy's shoulders, "My son tried to hang Ting's son." Muzzy coughed
      up his cookie, "What the Hell are you saying? Where are they?"
      Ting bowed her head kneeling at Muzzy's feet, "They are in jail."
      Arf! "Sit Checkers! How long have they been there and why haven't
      you bailed them out?!"

          "Oh please forgive us, but we could not think of a better solution."
      Ting wepted. Nadya stepped forward, "It is the law of the Bible that if
      the second son rebels against the first son, the second son should
      be hanged. Duet 21." Ting hugged Nadya, "This is a Christian marriage.
      We must honor the teachings of the patriarchs." Muzzy put his head
      in his hands, "I going to get them out. Then, we will talk about scriptual

          Muzzy puts Checkers in the station waggon. "Oy. I would marry
      fundamentlist. Eh. There going to be chastised tonight." Muzzy
      collects his sons. "Freddy! What the Hell are you trying do?"
      Freddy looked at the floor of the station waggon, "He kept my
      baseball." "Don't hang your brother!" Muzzy shouted at Freddy.
      "The penalty for stealing is death. Duetrinomy..." Freddy replied.
      "Just stop that! This isn't 8000BC! For Christ sake!" Ping giggled.
      "What is so funny about being hanged?!" Muzzy glared at his second
      son Ping. "Checkers took the ball." Ping laughed.

      Muzzy tossed the car keys on the kitchen table. "My wives! Come
      to our bedroom." Muzzy spanked Nadya and Ting pink.
      "Spare the rod and spoil the child? Right?" Muzzy queeried his
      spanked wives.


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