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Isabella Sorrento's 37th birthday is approaching fast. It is early December when an unexpected blizzard batters the Tri-State area. Over the next four days Isabella, along with her two younger sisters, Camela and Connie and their best friend, Tessa Monetti share a cozy and sometimes frightening time as the weather beats down on their tiny little town. Keeping them company are the dogs..King, Carmel, and Mystic.

As Isabella's birthday approaches, two days before Christmas, Isabella continues having a dream that is helping her to heal from an abusive past. She wants to share the dream with the three people she loves most in the world but she is unsure how to approach the subject. The man in the dream is a Hollywood actor, and at her age, she feels silly and somewhat like a teenager, not to mention confused.

During a lull in the storm Isabella finds her helper. While having lunch at their neighbor's house, Isabella learns Mrs. Tully, her neighbor's mother has been sent to help her break her silence. As Isabella opens up and sheds her past, one Angel on the Christmas tree begins to move. It is the one she placed on the tree for the man in the dream. With Mrs. Tully and her family, along with her heartbeats and the love of the animals, Isabella is reminded miracles do happen and dreams do come true.

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