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the destruction of earth is coming. is aura ready to take on the orbilites
The aliens started to attack the day i got my wedding ring. Those damn creatures killing everyone they see, it was a massacre. that is why its my duty to kill them all! I am the liberator, the protector, the guardian, I am Aura!~0~

"Sir, they are breaking through the, Aaaarrrggghhh". "Oh shi"-Kaboom! The aliens started their attack in the morning so we weren't prepared. Have you ever had a friend die in your hands? His name was reese. We were the best of buds. Now we are seperated by death all because some of those vermin of aliens had to vaporize his whole town. They thought it would scare us as a mental warfare approach. They were so wrong! See you on the battlefield.~1~

EEglor kallashe(whats the problem) OLLor ityofkmdm(the earth force is moving ahead to base). Edbbesse(start the attack). Look at them alien bastards up on the hill. Their settin' up an ion cannon. Everyone hit the deck! Sssscreeech! They just took out the whole ship. What do we do capn'. We pray and hope to jesus christ we don't die by the hands of these scum of the universe. ~2~

Charge! Sir we are losing men rapidly. That is fine we need to worry about the objective, not who is fighting. Sir are you completely out of your mind! No but this is... Baammm! Sir, sir! Why did you kill yourself. These damn aliens. Why won't you leave us at peace!!!~3~

Men. This is the day we may all die. So get out there and shoot them until there is nothing but a carcus. Oorah! Here i am looking at these soldiers and saying to myself. Why are they put in this war. Most of the soldiers are 18, 16, or even 15. They are all kids because uncle sam made one wrong move and sent all the adults to space to keep them safe and to kill the aliens from there. Sadly the ships were destroyed before they even left orbit.All that screaming still haunts me today. Time to kill the aliens for what they've done to our country.~4~

I started up the forsaken hill and saw something. It was my friend reese!? How in god's name are you alive? He just kept staring. Hey are you there reese? I looked down... POW! I knew you were a fake. Reese had his knife on the right side of his leg, not the left. I ran the rest of the way. I saw an opening in the hill. It seemed it was an old army bunker. I went inside and saw a huge quantum fusion relay. I must destroy it to knock out near by alien tech. So i got a C4 from my pouch and slapped it on the core. Then i ran outside hid behind a rock and pressed the detenator. The explosion was like a harmonic symphony to all the soldiers. We all went up the hill and killed off the remaining aliens. Today was a great battle and tommorow will be even better. Fight onward comrades, for we are a nation of one versus thousands of theirs. Everyone started to chant, but not me for i knew that thisw was a loss because when i looked up i saw an alien battleship readying its cannon. That cannon vaporizez anything for a 5 mile radious. I got my helmet threw it up in the air and cried "you aliens go to hell!". Just then the laser hit and we all died. It will always be remembered till this day that we fought millions and when we came out we lost billions. ~5~

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