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"Come closer little one, and hear my story. My voice cannot carry as far as it used to," the frail voiced paused until his student had moved closer. "Once when this world was not as full, our people thrived. We were given magic by Suria, the Sustainer, charged with the care of maintaining balance among all of her creations. As a race that can sustain ourselves just as easily from plants as from animals, we had to take care that no creature was over-hunted, and no plant plucked clean of its berries or stripped of its roots or bark. We lived simply from the land, using our magic to shape the earth to form our homes. We made friends with some of the greatest beasts in creation and we were happy. Our numbers grew and we splintered into multiple tribes. Many of the tribes found new hardships and new ways to move with the land as one. From barren deserts, to lush forest, to the craggy mountainsides, and flowing plains, we moved and with us harmony stayed in the balance.

Until we found Humans.

I have never met a race with such greed in their hearts. Everything is a tool to them, to be used, then discarded. It was easy to tell where they had been. A large swath of death follows in their wake. They fight destroy anything that is in their path and when there is nothing to destroy, they fight among themselves. At first we were curious, we tried to befriend them, show them how to live with nature's bounty. They were scared of us, scared of our appearance and afraid we would take from them. So we left them. I say this was our undoing. We left them half educated, and ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

They bred so quickly, and spread like a wildfire. We were forced from our homes, or forced to fight. Fighting is not in our nature, so we fled. Some among us wished to fight, to turn our given powers of nature against them, but we did not listen. instead we withdrew more and more until we had only a valley to live in. Using the greatest of our magics we wove a spell, one to hide us forever from the humans and their world. In our ignorance we did not realize that our safe haven was a barrier that they could not see through or even touch. Suria, had answered her most loyal followers with protection from the human world forever. When we emerged from the valley, it was like before. No humans, no fires, or smells of death. It was like they were gone.

We vowed that we would never forget this. We did not hold vengeance in our hearts though. We moved unseen around them. Our world separate from theirs. From time to time, one of our seers would be able to see between the worlds, but each time the news is worse. The humans are not caring for the land on their side and it is dying. It is too sad to watch as they fight each other for food, resources, and shelter. Our tribes meet every ten summers, and every ten summers we discuss the Human's world and if we should once again try to help them. To do so requires moving across the barrier to the other side. Every summer, the tribes vote the same. We do not help the humans, and we watch them go extinct. After they are gone, we would go across the barrier and restore the balance there.

I say, what wisdom is there in that? Even the Humans are a part of Suria's creations and none should be lost. Listen to me, little one. Learn your lessons well, and pray for the wisdom in others to forgive the past and heal the Human's world while it is still alive with life." the sad voice beseeched as his eyes closed once more to slumber.

Thistle flicked her tail as she backed up from the sleeping elder. She had been coming to listen to the old stallion's tale since she was a young filly without a single braid in her hair. She galloped off and let him bask his old bones in the warm sun today. The open plains were inviting today and Thistle wanted one more gallop before going back to her tent to prepare for her ceremony. Today, she would become an adult among the Centaurians. She galloped as fast as her hooves would allow, covering ground as fast as the wind blew through her hair. She thought about what her challenge would be. The elders always gave a different task, that way no one could ever plan for it. She stopped at the edge fo the lake as she notcied a few of her friends playing in the water. They hailed her as she approached.

"Hey, Thistle! Were you listening to old man
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