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Introduction to the story and characters of Glory II.
(Based on a true story. And in memory of those men of the 54th Massachusetts of 'Glory'.)

Dedicated to the African American Soldiers of the 55th and 59th Unites States Colored Regiments.
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Although Glory II- is a book of fiction, meticulous research was undertaken in order to portray the events, which occurred before, during and after the Civil War Battle of Brice's Crossroads in order to assure historical accuracy.  Where conflicting historical accounts of the battle were encountered, the most plausible probability was used in the novel.

Not all of the events portrayed in this novel are purely historical, a few from the author's imagination are used in conjunction with the major fictional characters in order to lend credence to and to blend them into the true historical perspective.

"Glory II " is a fictional historical novel of approximately 116,000 words (approximately 375 pages).  The characters come to vivid life amid the splendor and horror of the historic and unprecedented Civil War Battle of Brice's Crossroads on June 10, 1864.  The history of the battle has been meticulously researched and the true-life characters are portrayed in all the action that occurred on that fateful day.

This is also a story of the love between a young girl and a young Confederate Officer and how their lives were changed forever due to the battle.

It is the story of a grizzly Confederate Sergeant Major who tried his best to protect the two young lovers, but seemingly failed in the end.

It is the story of two black soldiers of the 59th U.S. Colored Infantry, one a Sergeant Major striving to uphold the honor of his race, the other a young Private eaten up with hatred against the Confederacy and all it stood for.

It is also the true story of those brave soldiers who actually fought the battle 135 years ago.  Albert D.J. Cashier, a private in the 95th Illinois, who, unknown to her fellow soldiers, was actually a female; Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the wizard of the saddle, this battle of which was his finest hour: of Union General BenjaminGrierson, who rode through Mississippi and became famous; Sergeant Perkins the unlucky, of the 7th Tennessee Cavalry; Private Hubbard of the 72nd Ohio Infantry, upon whose diaries much of the battle is recreated, and many other men of both sides who fought the terrible battle of Brice's Crossroads.

As mentioned, great care has been taken to adhere to historical fact in writing this novel.  All of the Confederate soldiers who die in this book are presently buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Brice's Crossroads Battlefield.

There is a marker there that reads, "Unknown Confederate Soldier."  I, the author, have taken the liberty to insinuate that the heroic Sergeant Major Keane Monday Stiehl, universal soldier, is buried in this unknown grave.

Also, among the Confederate dead, is a 2nd Lieutenant W.R. Welch, 8th Miss. Cavalry.  The hero in this book, Lt. Will Welch is not the same officer who died but was patterned after this historic person with no intent to vilify the original 2nd Lt. Welch, but to portray him as a genuine hero.

All the civilians mentioned in the novel are also buried in the old Bethany Church cemetery at the battlefield.

Lee County and the City of Baldwyn, Mississippi, have purchased 800 acres of the historic battle-site, and are now in the process of clearing it and placing markers at strategic points.

A new visitors’ center has been built along Highway 45, approximately 6 miles east of the battlefield, and is now open to visitors.

Although most historians and many Civil War buffs know of the battle of Brice's Crossroads, little recognition has been given to the two colored regiments who historically saved what was left of the ill-fated expedition after it was driven from the crossroads. This novel attempts to correct that historic oversight.

Glory II

Major Fictional Characters:

KEANE MONDAY STIEHL - A rugged mountain man, a legend in his own time, considered to be the best Sergeant Major in the entire Confederate Army, thought by many to be the eternal soldier.

LAURA JEAN TYREE - A young teenage girl who was about to experience both the horrors and love that the bitter Civil War had to offer.

WILL WELCH - A young Lieutenant in the 8th Mississippi Cavalry.  His destiny was to find love and glory amid a battle scared countryside.

BOOKER D. HOOKER - A black Sergeant Major of the 59th United States Colored Infantry.  An ex-slave, sailor, veteran of Fort Wagner; destined to lead his colored troopers on an explosive field of glory.

THOMAS JEFFERSON SELMER - A black Private of the 59th United States Colored Infantry.  Eaten up inside with hatred for everything the Confederacy stood for, he would not stop until his ultimate revenge was realized.

Major Historical Characters:

    The Confederates:

MAJOR GENERAL NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST - Known as the wizard of the saddle, the victory at the Battle of Brice's Crossroads was his finest achievement.

BRIGADIER GENERAL ABRAHAM BUFORD - Forrest's Division Commander, a giant of a man who proves his mettle in the end. The brother of John Buford, the Yankee Cavalry General who found fame at the battle of Gettysburg.

JOHN M. HUBBARD - Private, Company E, 7th Tennessee Cavalry.  He recorded the battle and provided a record for generations to come.

MRS. FALKNER - Great Grandmother of novelist, William Faulkner.  She truthfully told the Yankees what to expect, but they would not believe her.

CAPTAIN JOHN MORTON - Commander of the Confederate artillery during the battle.  His decisiveness and accuracy saved the day.

Perkins the unlucky, Color Sergeant, 7th Tennessee Cavalry.

Jacob Gaius, Private, General Forrest's Bugler.

Mr. Henry Walton, native of Ripley, Mississippi who spoke with Col. Thomas.

Captain H. A. Tyler, cavalry officer under Colonel Lyon.

Major Thomas Tate, Commander of Colonel Falkner's regiment.

Captain Charles Anderson, General Forrest's staff.

Captain Jackson, General Forrest's escort commander.

Doctor J.B. Cowan, Forrest's surgeon.

Jimmy Bradford, bugler of Colonel Barteau 2nd Tennessee Cavalry.

Captain C. L. Randle, 7th Kentucky, found the Union troops.

James Moran, Private, Captain Morton's artillery.

Captain Beverly Matthews, Commander Co G, 8th Miss. Cavalry.

Sergeant Frank T. Reid, Morton's artillery battery.

Private Hord, 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry and diarist.

Lt. William Witherspoon, Co L. 7th Tennessee, diarist.

Reverend Samuel Agnew, lived at Brice's Crossroads.

Doctor Enoc Agnew, lived at Brice's Crossroads.

William Brice, ran store and lived at the crossroads.

    The Federals:

BRIGADIER GENERAL BENJAMIN GRIERSON - Earlier in the war he rode through Mississippi and became famous.  (The Horse Soldiers.)  At Brice’s Crossroads, he met more than his match and was lucky to escape with his life.

BRIGADIER GENERAL SAMUEL STURGIS - Sturgis thought the key to winning a victory was numbers.  When he met the general who often took on odds of three to one, he discovered his fatal error.

ALBERT D. J. CASHIER - Enlisting in the 95th Illinois Volunteer Infantry early in the war, she held a secret no man would know until long after the war.

W.B. HALSEY - Private, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.  Like Hubbard, he left a record from the Union viewpoint of the battle.

Major Abial R. Pierce - Commander of the 4th Iowa Regiment of Cavalry.  His actions helped to save the retreating Union forces.


Glory II-Brice's Crossroads is dedicated to the men and one woman, on both sides, who fought the terrible battle of Brice's Crossroads on June 10, 1864. 
Special dedication is made to the men of the 55th and 59th U.S. Colored Regiments, who (history has failed to mention) saved the ill- fated expedition.

“I will order them to make up a force and go out to follow Forrest to the death, if it costs ten thousand lives and breaks the treasury.”

June 15, 1864
    Major General William T. Sherman

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