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An Unconditional Generational Embrace
In the midst of the sunset, fragments of gold sparkle
Within the bubblegum pinks and baby blues,
Another gifted Masterpiece from Mother Sky.
I sit quietly in my garden, reveling in my solitude.
I am serene….with feet planted among the flowers.

Pinks and blues give way to silvers and grays,
Twilight dies smiling…. It is a good death.
I bid it goodbye as I sip my bordeaux,.
The redness of the wine gives color to pale lips.

My Garden Gnomes stand with thin arms entwined,
He looking more like a jolly old elf, she like a sad Ophelia.
They watch as dragonflies dance among the water lilies.
Misty White Orchids float along in happy abandon.

Dry leaves rustle as small branches snap
Beneath the soles of Spiderman Tennis Shoes.
I feel rather than see him, creeping closer still.
The face framed by a small branch in the Magnolias
Is babyish and sweet as he grins up at the moon.

Breaking free from the gardens’ tender caress
The boy dances alone with childlike wonder.
He sets his song free on the playful breeze......
Celebrating the coming of a thousand newborn stars.

Bending over,with his chubby hands on chubby knees,
He peers intently into my eyes, searching my soul.
“Whatcha doin, Nana?  I’m looking for bugs!”
Proudly he holds up a brightly colored wire cage.

“Look! I have 2 frogs, some fireflies and a grass snake.”
Inside the prison, dark forms performed a macabe dance
In a futile attempt to gain back precious freedom.
Pitiful creatures ensnared forever by a childhood whim.
“Wanna help?” ....His eyes plead for a yes.

I slip my arm around his neck to give him a hug.
The warmth of his body is like heaven to old bones.
I long to stay in my peaceful solitude.
He pats my back as he murmurs “pleeeeeeease?”
My dark and tranquil garden loses itself
In the passion of innocence and adolescent delight.

I find myself giddy, swept up in the air of festivity,
Laughing at his look of pure gratification 
With each potential prisoner captured or pursued.
He takes my hand, together we creep through bushes and trees.
Great hunters, the two of us....Unafraid of the unknown.

Much too quickly the hushed shadows of night fully bloom, 
Leaving neither corner nor crevice privy to light’s glowing designs.
Sadly the quest comes to an end, leaving us undeniably spent.
Little boy giggles become mute as smiles turn into yawns.

I hear the stillness return.....as I lead him back home.
Crickets thankful for good fortune, chirp in gratitude.
I am grateful for this Whirlwind that is mine to tame.
Gently he brings me back to the importance of the joys in life,
Reminding me I have forever to be serene ………
For now............. I should just live.

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