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Actual spells used by a practicing Witch
                                        "Adversary Spell"

    This spell is designed to ease any strife between you and any adversary that crosses your path.  It is a peace spell to focus on the importance to forgive those that cross you, so that you may be able to move on to better things in your life.  A Witch should never allow a grudge to come in the way of their happiness, or allow their emotions to be controlled by the adversary.  Think of love when chanting the spell, and find it in your heart to move on from the problem the adversary tried to create for you.

                              Blessed Be in love and light,

                              I charge ye with blinding light,

                              To find your will and make it right,

                              To show you love with all my might,

                              Our paths crossed once, but have no fright,

                              We're different as, day and night,

                              I came in peace with blinding light,

                              I leave in peace into the night.


                                        Binding Wood

    Merry Meet family!  As a Practicing Witch I wanted to share a fun Cleansing Ritual with you today that focuses on removing negative thoughts from deep within your being.  Most Secular people do not fully understand the power of the mind and how it can be used to become a happier, healthier, person.  Since my specialities are awakenings, and healings, I hope this article can help you rid some of the negative energies that you may have stored up in you over the years.  During a circle casting Ritual I performed a few years ago, I had a vision of a Ritual that was performed to transfer your negative energies from deep within your being into a small piece of wood painted black to absorb the negative energies from your body.  Non Pagan people that I have shown this method to were concerned about the wood being evil.  I assured them that this magickal process was only for healing, and that the only purpose for the wood, was to absorb the negative energy from your being, and that there is no chance of that negative energy escaping from the wood.  As humans, we are a very emotional species, where we allow negative feelings, stress, and circumstances to build up inside of us.  We bottle up those negative feelings inside our being where they become toxins within our system.  psychosomatic illnesses such as hypertension, and a lower immune system can develop, when we fail to get these negative toxins out of our body.  Although this Ritual will not prevent you from catching colds etc, it will help you to fight viruses more effectively by boosting your immune system, getting in touch with your life force, and your will to live!  When these 2 things are awakened within your Spiritual Being, amazing things start to happen!  Combining traditional medicine with Spiritual Healing is a miraculous process indeed!

    In this Witches Game, hold your binding wood close to your heart the 1st time you recite your spell to awaken the spirit that is within you, on your 2nd reciting of the spell place the board high in the air to awaken the spirit that guides you, on your 3rd and final reciting of the spell, place the wood on the ground to complete your spell to rid yourself of the negative energies that was troubling you.  Remember to always listen to your inner voice and say your spell at least 3 times to complete the desire of your will.  If you say your spell the 1st or 2nd time, and your inner voice says what you are doing is unethical, then abort the process and the spell will not take place.  this is a safety mechanism designed to remind you to harm none when working on magick.  The boards that have been given to you were blessed by a magick spell, to use only for cleansing and nothing else, so take comfort in knowing that the only magick performed in this ritual, is for spiritual health.  Blessed Be family, I love you dearly!

(state your problem, while holding the binding wood to your heart, for The Spirit within you)

              "I bind ye thoughts that are no good, I bind ye thought to this wood,

              this impure thought inside of me, will now reside in this tree!

(state your problem while holding binding wood up high, for The Spirit that guides you)

              "I bind ye thoughts that are no good, I bind ye thought to this wood,

              this impure thought inside of me, will now reside in this tree!

(state your problem, hold binding wood on ground, for The Earth that grounds you)

(then let go of the wood after final spell is said)

              "I bind ye thoughts that are no good, I bind ye thought to this wood,

              this impure thought inside of me, will now reside in this tree!

              "As above, So Below, So Mote it be!"

    I hope you enjoy this Witches Ritual Game, and don't be disappointed if the spell did not seem to work.  Remember you have years of toxins in your body and some of the things that cause you stress and bothers you may take several Rituals to completely get out of your system.  Part of the fun with this game is to awaken your spiritual being and having that connection with the spirit that guides you and the Spirit that is within you!


                                        "Charm An Object"

    This Spell can take months for it to work, but is so rewarding after you charmed your object such as a bracelet, necklace, or ring that you intend to give your loved one.  It is amazing to see the smile on their face when you give something you hold so dear to you, as a present to them.  In order for this charm to be the most effective though, you need to find something you really love to have for yourself.  Say there is a necklace you see that really brings you happiness.  Try to wear it as much as you can and think of happy thoughts when it is in your possession.  Think of your loved one as much as you can when you wear it and try to feel like it is a part of you.  Once you wear this object for at least a month, tell your loved one how much it meant to you, and that every time you wore it, you thought of them and how much they mean to you.  This object that you charmed, is part of the representation of the Special Sacred Person that you are, and is a token of what you stand for, so that they may never feel lonely when you two are physically apart.  Remember to say the following spell as much as you can while the object is in your possession, so that your object is charged with the maximum amount of power and love, when you give it to your loved one:

                              "My love for you is always here"

                              "My life with you I hold so dear"

                              "This charm I wear so close to heart"

                              "Reminds of the bond we'll never part"

                              "I hexed this charm with happy life"

                              "For you to wear to ease your strife"

                              "For each time you wear this charm so true

                              "Remember the love I have for you!"


                                        "Circle Casting"

    In today's blog I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about Circle Casting and why most Witches feel this Ritual is so important in their lives, but what exactly is circle casting and how do you perform this Ritual. Basically it is a special ceremony you can do by yourself, or with the help of a Coven, to temporarily create a Special Sacred Area where you can live in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. It is a Spiritual Area that is separate from the Physical World where you can do all sorts of fun things, such as: meditations, healings, readings, celebrations, re-charging your energies, invokings, enlightenment, magickal concentrations, projections, chants, spells, and finding that Spiritual connection we have with all living things on our wonderful Earth!

    Some interesting facts about Circle Casting is that it can be performed indoors our outdoors with the same effect and I have Circle Cast both ways with success. Another thing to keep in mind is that the area you are temporarily making is a Sacred Area, full of love and protection while you are in your circle, so let all the anxieties of your life melt away while you are in your special church, and know that you are loved, cared for, and protected by the special love you created in the circle you are in. Also keep in mind that you are only human and as long as you have a kind heart and respect for life, it is ok to experiment in the circle you created. Mistakes are instantly forgiven, and although this is a sacred area you are in, don't feel like you have to be formal and perfect. Just be the wonderful person you were meant to be and have fun in your special world with no worries. I don't know how many times I laughed whenever I said a chant or spell wrong in my circle, ha ha, but that is why this area is so special. It is a pure area that is there for you to enjoy, and discover just how special this life really can be, when all the things we worry about are separated from us when we are in our Sacred Circle. Another thing about Circle Casting is, that you should only open a circle when you are at peace with yourself. If not, perform a cleansing ritual to rid yourself of your negativity. I personally chant a cleansing spell *Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy* over again until I feel at peace with myself and The World around me. Also it is best to close your circle once you have left your sacred area. Although it will close on it's own, circles left open and abandoned, can deteriorate unevenly, so it is best to close them on your own, and finally. Lol, remember that you don't have to buy the materials needed for This Ritual, at the Official Harry Potter Store, to make it work. Most of the magickal stuff I use, are very common items I made myself, which makes it feel more personal and special to me in my Rituals. I have ordinary tv cable wire to make my circle with, and the candles I use are just ordinary candles I bought at a grocery store.

    Ok so now that we talked a little about what circle casting is, let me share with you my personal Circle Casting Ritual so that you can see how this actual Ritual is practiced by yours truly. Please remember the way I perform my ritual is not the only way to Cast A Circle. I do so many different things then what most witches do, but feel comfortable in how I conduct my Rituals and that is the most important thing anyone should do. If what you are doing feels natural and right for you, more power to you, even if it is completely different from the way I handle my magick, diversity is important for growth and survival.

    I use very simple tools in my Circle Casting Rituals. I have 1 compass, 1 cable wire to make a circle around 6 feet in diameter, 4 candles, 1 sleeping bag I put on my floor for comfort, and a personal book of shadows I made myself to organize all my supernatural works in 1 convenient book.

    I use the compass to mark where North is at, since direction is important to a Witch. Most Witches will call upon the 4 corners of the Earth, when they Circle Cast, and the 4 corners they call upon are the guardians of the North, South, East, and West of our World. Each direction I mentioned, within The Circle, has a special meaning and representation of what it is, North represents the Earth, East represents the Air, South represents the Fire, and West represents the Water. Earth, Air, Fire Water, and The Spirit that guides us is what is concentrated in a circle and is also the true meaning of what a Pentagram is for most Witches. The Elements of the Earth and the spirit that guides us and is within us all, is why The Pentagram symbol is so dear to us.

    Ok lol, so I made my circle the best I could with my cable wire, now I place my 4 candles to mark the 4 corners of the Earth within my markings. I place my green candle on the North side of my circle to represent Earth, my Yellow Candle on the East side to represent Air, my Red candle on the South side to represent Fire, and my Blue candle on the West side to represent Water. Once all the candles are in place, and my Physical circle is on the ground, I Spiritually open my circle with a simple Element Spell, by repeating my chant 3 times (power of 3) by saying:

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Open This Circle In Love And Peace"

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Open This Circle In Love And Peace"

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Open This Circle In Love And Peace"

    One quick note about candles I use, I very seldom light them! I feel the magick is just as powerful unlit and safer to use that way. Plus, Some people are allergic to lit candles, so don't feel like you have to light your candles to get a more powerful magickal effect. Just wanted to share that information with ya lol!

    Once my circle is Spiritually open, I walk 3 times around and outside of my boundary I created, while I say a Peace Spell, before I cross into the inner circle of my spiritual area. I always enter and exit through The Earth side of my circle, because I feel The Earth will ground me in everything I do. While walking around my sacred area I use the following Peace Spell below to cleanse my soul, and to keep my circle pure, while I am entering and exiting my magickal realm.

              "In Peace We Enter No Hatred Wars"

              "In Peace We Stay As We Talk Some More"

              "In Peace We Leave As Once Before"

              "The Peace Within Forever More"

    I say this spell 3 times while I walk in a clockwise direction outside my circle. On the 3rd and final trip around, I enter through the Earth Symbol of my circle. I think it is so cool to walk around your area 3 times, before you enter inside. It adds effect to the moment, by making you feel a little dizzy after circling 3 times around your area, it feels magickal to me and I always end up laughing and thinking wow this is so cool!

    I have so much peace whenever I am in my magickal home! All the doubts, the fear, the anxieties I have melted away and all that is left is the being that I am and the wonderful world that is around me. Everything is so much more clearer once I have circle cast, and the magick I perform is so much more focused in the sacred area I am in. Peace, Love, Happiness, Joy, is what I feel and the love I have feels as complete as the circle is around me. I only wish I could cast a circle as big as the world itself so that the peace and love within this sacred area could be felt by everyone here on our Earth!

    After I am finished with my magickal workings for the day, I will walk just inside my circle, and recite the Peace spell 3 times, as I walk 3 times inside my boundaries, before I exit out through the Earth Symbol of my circle. I recommend to always enter and exit out of your special world slowly, to keep from getting woozy. Try to think of it as being in a space ship. Enter or leave The Earth too fast and your space ship burns up, so take your time and enjoy the veil between the 2 worlds you are traveling through.

              "In Peace We Enter No Hatred Wars"

              "In Peace We Stay As We Talk Some More"

              "In Peace We Leave As Once Before"

              "The Peace Within Forever More"

    Once you are safely out of your circle, don't forget to say the Element Spell to close the world you created, so that the energy can be closed naturally, and everything returned to normal once you are finished

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Close This Circle In Love And Peace"

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Close This Circle In Love And Peace"

              "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, We Close This Circle In Love And Peace"

    Once you finished closing your world, you can remove the candles and pick up the physical circle you made without any concerns. Once the circle is closed, the candles return to normal and the physical circle you made is just a normal physical circle, just so cool how that works!

    If you are new to circle casting, the only word of caution I have for you while you are in a circle is: That the energy that is surrounding you may make you feel woozy and disoriented the first few times you enter. This is a normal feeling and nothing to be worried about, however if the energy bothers you, just slowly leave the circle the same way as you entered it by circling inside 3 times before you leave and reciting The Peace Spell before you leave the circle from the Earth symbol. Also don't forget to close the circle with the Element chant otherwise the area will begin to deteriorate on it's own and may make you feel even more dizzy.

    Well this is how I circle cast and absolutely love being in my special world I magickally created. Sometimes I fall asleep in my circle just to recharge my energies, and had the most peaceful rest I ever had in my life. The magick I concentrate on is so much more clearer, and the Healings, Chants, Meditations, have so much more meaning whenever I'm in my circle.

    I hope what I shared with you is helpful, regardless if you decide to circle cast on your own or not. At least you have some ideal how it is done and hope you see that everything that is done in this sacred area is done with peace and love, in being able to share a magickal moment with our loved ones, and to spend precious time with the special people in our lives!!!


                                        "Contact Spell"

    I placed this spell in this Book of Shadows for anyone who was brave enough to peek inside my private book while I am away from it.  Blessed be friend, I am sorry if we do not have the chance to meet in person, but since you opened my book, I consider you part of my family now, and want to have this spell in here so that we can at least have Spiritual Contact with one another if phsyical contact is not possible.  As a Witch I have nothing to hide, even in my most private of books, I am glad you found me.  I don't know how my book came into your possession, but want to make you feel welcome in the love I have for all that destiny has me to meet with! 

    The Ritual we will be performing today is a simple one where we will both have contact with eachother through the (((o))) symbols that are placed on the bottom of this Spell.  As I recite the spell below, I will be thinking of you while touching the symbols down below.  I will say the spell 3 times while placing my fingers from both my hands on the symbols, and ask that you do the same, once you see this page.  Place your fingers on the 2 symbols below, and say the spell 3 times while thinking of me, so the connection we have with one another can be complete!  Thankyou for stopping by, and hope we can meet in person some day, but if not, at least we have the opportunity to share Spiritual contact with one another, by having this Spells page that is in my book.  Blessed be family, and thanks for having the courage for stopping by, and being a part of my life through this book that was created from love!

              'The journey we had so far so true"

              "Has brought us close from out of the blue"

              "For life is destined we met this way"

              "I hex these words to join our day"

              "For though we are Worlds apart"

              "I'll always have you in my heart"

          (((o)))                                        (((o)))


                                      "Moon Magick"

    For the next couple of days I thought it would be fun to play with a little Witchcraft, and give you some ideals how you can apply the Spiritual Connection I keep talking about in my blog, to real life spells you can practice on yourself, and share with your loved ones.  In today's game, I thought it would be fun to work with a little "Moon Magick".  In this witches game, the object is for loved ones to have contact with one another Spiritually, when they are separated Physically from each other.

    Say for instance that you and your loved one are many miles away from each other and you miss them dearly!  How can you two share a common bond to feel each other's presence?  If you both look up at the full moon at the same time, and concentrate your energy towards the moon.  See if you can have it reflect back to the one you love, that is also looking and sending their love back to you.  As long as you two are on the same side of The Earth, it is possible to play this game since the moon is visible the same time you both are looking up to our Sister in the sky.  keep practicing to see how well you can reach one another with this method, and if you have cell phones during your ceremony, that's even better, nothing wrong with a little technological help now and then ha ha. 

    Of course there are some set backs you two might experience during your attempts. You might have a clear night in your area, but your loved one might have too many clouds to be able to see the moon. If you can't feel the connection, then that might be the reason why you were not able to feel each other's energy and love for one another during this Ritual, try not to get discourage. Also, unfortunately, you only have 3 good nights to try this ceremony, when the moon is at least 98% full. The pure magick and the energy the moon has during these 3 nights of the month is the best time to send your energy to the one you love and have that spiritual connection with them.

    Well hope you have fun with this game, remember that laughter is required whenever you have the opportunity to spend precious time with the ones you love. Be it Physically or Spiritually, life is meant to be shared!  Remember that you don't have to have a formal spell to call upon you loved one, just saying their name as you are looking at the moon is enough.  However, I wanted to share a spell you can use that was revealed to me in a Circle Casting Ritual I performed awhile back:

              "Sister Moon Of The Earth"

              "Hear My Spell For All It's Worth"

              "My Loved One's Far I Need Them Near"

              "Send My Message With Good Cheer"

              "My Love For Them Shines So Bright"

              "Return That Love With Your Reflecting Light"

              "So That We May See The Love We Share"

              "Is Joined As One With The Light You Bare"


                                      "Protect An Object Spell"

    This simple Spell is an effective way to protect any Magickal object you may give to a friend or relative.  It is a simple "Chant Spell" designed to protect the receiver from Harm in case the object falls into the wrong hands.  The purpose of the Spell is as simple as the chant itself, since all the Magick from the object will leave, if anyone tries to use the object for evil.  You can chant the Spell as many times as you feel is necessary for the Spell to take effect, however you should at least chant a minimum of 4 times to bless the 4 corners of the object to make sure all sides are protected before you give your Magickal object away.

              "Magick for good or Magick undone!"

              "Magick for good or Magick undone!"

              "Magick for good or Magick undone!"

              "Magick for good or Magick undone!"


                                      "Rain Ritual Spell"

    This Ritual is designed to give thanks for the rain we receive and to request for additional rain to fall in your particular area.  This ceremony can be performed during any time of the day, but midnight is preferred.  It is best to have an invocation ceremony of the Deity of your choice to be present during your ceremony so that they can transform your wishes into the magickal making of rain.  I personally choose God as my Deity and have no shame in calling for his help.  Below are simple guidelines to follow and a list of tools along with the spells you can chant to build the energy necessary for the rain to occur

    Tools needed: 1 water proof sealing container to hold water you collected from previous rain 4 candles (North - Green) (East - Yellow) (South - Red) (West - Blue)

4 candle holders 1 copper wire to make your circle with at least 5 feet in diameter

    Directions: place your copper wire on the ground and make a circle with it.  Light each candle one at a time, and carefully place it in the proper area just outside of the circle.  1 (North - Green) 2 (East - Yellow) 3 (South - Red) 4 (West - Blue).  Spiritually open your circle by reciting the Element Spell* (see circle casting ritual), and walk outside 3 times around the circle while chanting the Peace Spell* (see circle casting ritual).  Start and enter on the Earth Quadrant Candle that should be in the North side of your circle after you went around your circle 3 times.  Once inside your circle, invoke your Deity, and invite them to aid you in the magickal workings of the Ritual you are working on.  Open the sealed container of the rain you collected from the previous rainstorm that occurred, and place your hands so that you can sprinkle the 4 corners of your circle while you chant each spell 3 times with the following words.  Remember to start your chant in The Earth section of your circle and end your chant in The Water section, since The Rain, is what we are requesting in this Ceremony.

              Rain Rain come on down, help us quench this thirsty ground!

              Rain Rain carried by Air, come to us with winds you bare

              Rain Rain heat of Fire, For clouds to rise of heated desire

              Rain Rain Fire and Air, work as one for Mother's Care!

    Repeat this chant 3 times while keeping your body in the circle and sprinkle the rain water with your hands by throwing it out of your circle in each of the 4 directions as you chant.  On the third and final chant, throw any remaining water in your container as high as you can towards the Water Section of your outer circle, and envision how rain falls from the sky to our wonderful Earth.  Thank your Deity, The Elements, Yourself and any Guests, for coming together in the magickal workings of the Ritual you performed.

    Walk just inside your circle 3 times while reciting the Peace Spell* (See circle casting ritual), and on the 3rd chant, and 3rd time you walked inside the circle, exit out of The Earth quadrant from your circle.  Close your circle by reciting The Element Spell* (see circle casting ritual), and blow out your candles in the following order (Earth) (Air) (Fire) (Water).  Before you fall asleep later in the night, close your eyes and imagine the dark clouds coming your way bringing the rain that is needed, the sweet smelling fragrances, the sounds, and the joy of having that precious liquid fall on your body!


                                      "Sun Set Chant"

    Before we knew it, the Sun was in it's final setting stages, and we dropped everything we were doing.  We always had a moment of silence, as our Sun departed from our Earth for the day.  It is a great reminder that we only have a limited number of Sun Sets to see in our lifetime!  It is a special, Sacred Occasion, to stop everything, and pay homage to our mortality.  Isis spoke as the Sun lowered into the horizon.  "Family, our Sun, the sustainer of life, has to die every day, as it is doing now.  Remember the ones we lost, and the time that will come when it is our turn to cross over.  Day transitions into Night, Death overcomes Life, but fear not!  For tomorrow, Life will triumph over Death!  Our Sun will rise back up, and bring back the life that was lost during the Night!  This is how it is and how it must be, for the billions of years before and the billions of years to come the Sacred Circle of life is complete!"  This was an excerpt taken from a story I wrote titled "The Book Of Life".  Sun sets are a somber time for me to reflect on our mortality, so I came up with a simple spell to honor the veils between the 2 worlds, and pay homage to our departed loved ones with the knowledge that we will reunite one day with the ones we so dearly love.  This is also a very effective power spell to retain your energy in the night while the Sun is away from us.  Continue the chant until you feel charged energy around you, and feel the final light of the Sun's Rays embrace you, as our provider leaves us for the night.

              "Sun, Sun, Sustainer of Life"

              "Earth, Earth Mother of Life"

              "Daughters and Sons of the Wholly Wife"

              "Together as One there is no Strife!"


*If you have any questions or concerns about the Rituals or spells in this section, please feel free to write me on this address, thanks family and Blessed Be.*
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