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by D.G.B
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A satiracal piece set in the future regarding a man's desire to accept sin in society
I merely know the basic functions and components that comprise my train of thought and I can't remember if it was the school system that had neglected to teach me or if it was a severe lack of pertinacity on my part to assiduously cram my brain with the world's infinite knowledge in hopes of attaining what I've been raised to percieve as a "promising" future. What is education but a monotonous series of facts and opinions that higher authorities strive to brain-wash us with, holding the intentions to gain worthy apprentices in their elaborate chess game for fidelity and human supremacy. And if a better tomorrow is what we really seek then why not incorporate as much "fun" into our lives as we know it now so that such an investment can grow and manifest into a much richer retirement in old age, in wisdom. The fervent efforts of past generations, long dead in the midst of a modern uprising, to diest our youth of experiencing life in all it's abundant glory because to do so would breech the once sacred morals and integrity of a lost society, act only as the chains that persist in hindering the ultimate advancement of civilization. We must pontificate the pros of our new ideals to shatter the rationality of what used to be just and righteous. For the most part, we have lost our religion and it is religion that gives people a common slate of guidelines to which they are obligated to construct their lives around. It serves as the blueprint of civil organization, obedience, tolerance, and government. In short, the outbreak of anarchy is restrained by the whim of a single divine being who, by the credence of tribulations, remains idol to what many consider the end of times. I beseech the public to supplicate your children and their children in breaking social deviance. Is there anything sweeter than the utter serentity following the injection of Item 9 or the ecstasy found in a brief inhale of Item 10 for, in that diminutive instance, your troubles are forgotten and the rigors of daily life slowly diminish into the vast vertigo of carlessness...
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