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Rated: E · Poetry · Health · #1499389
Social controversies ridiculed lines of aggressive intake harmless hopeful devastation slowly destroying our nation awkward silences awkward pauses awkward ways of the calm unnatural not normal freaky odd does not belong not noow never will does not care about today or tomorrow's bringing wheter it be lunch alone or pain at home. Endless recreation of what we wish no to be but yet still is and still lives killing them softly but yet still willing the eyes shut brushing off the dust of yesterdays rain throttling the pain. Keep the wound closed and the blood close die again and again crawling toward the light like its the only thing thats right. Sucking in the air like we haven't breatherd in years. Clinging to the string that dangles above the cliff letting go gently and falling into the abyss. This quiet silence has never been so loud. Slamming into numbness then forcefully pulling out. Hold me high then let me fall laughing as your eyes watch it all. Slowing the blade before it hits the heart. Only pausing for a second never regretting it. Determining insanity as the verdic ends the trial another person sent away for the longest while.
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