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Upgrade the bike to get the girl. Rhyme.
Motorcycle Upgrade.

Bonny, Tiger, Triton, Venom, Thunderbird and James.
Mine is just a little one amongst the other names.
But it was only days ago I took my test and passed.
Upgrade soon and join the lads to do the ton at last.

Girls in the cafe, are pleased for me, and show me their affection.
With kisses on my lips and cheeks from every girl’s direction.
The hottest girl in town that night strolled over sensually.
Her kisses were so passionate, I thought she’d smother me.

I saw bad looks, coming my way, from the Venom bloke.
Vexed by the kisses from his girl, he didn't see the joke.
A jealous rage was brewing, although he could only shout.
He knows if we start fighting, then I'd surely knock him out.

When he stormed off, riding away, chasing the speed of light.
I knew the hottest girl in town was now mine for the night.
The other blokes don't seem to care, although she is a gem.
The girl's a badge, the bikes are the important things to them.

The biker’s cafe is closing now, and so are all the pubs.
And in this little town of ours, we don't have any clubs.
“Oh well, looks like the evening's done, I'll take you home,” I said.
She said, “We'll have a burn up on the motorway instead.”

We all set off into the night up the old M6.
The others doing near the ton, left me in a fix.
Her arms were wrapped around my waist, her legs locked on my thighs.
Her chest was pressing in my back, a very nice surprise.

The screaming James at 75 as fast as it would go.
Compared to riding with a Venom, that was very slow.
We pulled into the Top Rank cafe much later than the rest.
I knew that just to keep the girl I had to be the best.

We livened up the all-night cafe and stayed there really late.
Then I took the girl back home for romance at her gate.
She said, “I love great throbbing rides; they give me such a thrill.
And though we've had a lovely night, your bike don't fit the bill.”

Part-ex the James, plus lots of cash and lots of finance too.
To buy a Beezer, Gold Star, Clubman, was the thing to do.
I pulled up at the biker’s cafe and revved outside the door.
The girl came running out to me, the Venom's girl no more.
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