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Finding peace, love, and understanding - a rhyming poem.
Like a finger-sized fairy, with rare and true powers,
Raising a fortress of love, a castle of high towers,
A creature of kindness, decency, and caring,
Finding her lady hope, faithful love, and true sharing,
In the eyes of a most saintly and visionary man,
Whose life is based solely on God and a worthy plan.

An enchanted forest will likely contain the breath
Of magical creatures whose lives cheat death,
And a princess who would not live, without a special kiss,
A handsome prince whose legacy is to grant permanent bliss!
But this truly fortunate lady was never sure to capture
A very special and rare companion, and find sweet rapture…

Riding from kingdom to kingdom, and place to place,
Upon his noble horse, in a quick and hurried pace,
The brave and handsome prince will see the break of day,
Pack up his belongings, and be headed out on his way.
For being lucky and proud, in a land that’s sparingly good,
Requires that both sides of the spectrum be easily understood…
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