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Thou shall not self incriminate
I am divided into four personalities,

A Lover, A Demon, A Sad-Loser and a Serioussilent type as I call it.

I hate it when I'm a lover:

-Because I tend to forget my priorities except that relationship's priorities.
-Because I always undersleep or oversleep when I'm a lover
-Because I tend to change my mood so fast I dunno what hit me or what hit her
-Because I always overplan and always disappointed (in most cases)
-Because I always wish more, more than I ever deserve
-Because I a;ways reconcile to the things I yet to do or to the things I haven't done
-Because I always consider myself weak when I'm with her
-Because I never give up on us when all is over for us
-Because I am always confused what my brain is telling me because of her
-Because I tend to react possessively when I am insecure
-Because I always wake up in a room without her by my side
-Because I tend to blame her or myself for the things that are considered "silly"
-Because I kiss too much
-Because I want too much
-Because I am getting dumber and dumber when things are complicated between us
-Because I cannot handle relationships that well without tough love

I hate it when I'm a Demon:

-Because No one can stop me but my loved ones
-Because I tend to over react
-Because I tend to humiliate myself
-Because the public is always affected
-Because it clouded my decision making
-Because I tend to destroy my phone
-Because I always blame myself for everyone's actions
-Because I tend to be the over jealous type of guy
-Because accidents happen
-Because I tend to cross my limits
-Because I always ran out of Ideas
-Because I retalliate and get even (without hurting anyone of course)
-Because I am passive at this stage

I hate it when I'm a sad-Loser

-Because I self pity
-Because I cry
-Because I hasten decisions that will negate the positive feelings I have
-Because I only trust myself
-Because I can think of suicide
-Because I run away from the troubles I have
-Because I'd ran away before these circumstances happens
-Because I am a loser

I hate it when I'm a serioussilent type of guy:

-Because I sought perfection in every way
-Because I over work even for something that is not prioritized
-Because I tend to end what I've already started
-Because I see myself as a higher being than others
-Because I tend to discriminate
-Because I never smiled or laughed in this personality
-Because I get too curious for my own good
-Because I tend to betray my health for some other purposes
-Because I am unwanting at this stage
-Because I am unforgiving at this type of personality I have
-Because I am too proud to be with someone
-Because I am too insensitive to others when it comes to work or tasks
-Because I am a dictator when I am in this stage
-Because I cannot stop wanting what I want and do everything to make it mine
-Because I am not open to other opinions
-Because I am desperate to gain more of something than to lose something
-Because I am unaware that I am only just one man for all of my plans
-Because I do not value friendships and moments at this stage
-Because I am a moron who didn;t know when to quit
-Because I tend to close my heart to everyone except myself

That's what I hate about myself, and this will be balanced by what I like about myself that's why I hate it when my negatives are clashed within my positive sides... because not all the time positive wins...

I'm not crazy, I'm just an idiot doing his job...

I'm at my designated personalities when I was writing my four personalities...

Now I'm planning to have my Normal stage...
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