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by asha
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Effects of environment on our lives.

Land Forms and their effect on people:

In any given arena whether we take the city, town or country side, the surrounding land forms have astounding effect on the lives of people and living standards of the same, the streets, alleys, and walkways take the place of rivers, streams and rivulets in the city as against these in the country side. Think a step further and you will notice that tall, short or wide buildings take the place of mountains, hills or plateaus similarly.
It is interesting to note that in the countryside we may find only a couple of floors in a building while in the city living in a skyscraper is like living on top of a mountain
This aspect leads us to the fact that feng shui assessment of a house on the higher floors of a multi storied building; needs different treatment and extra care.
The external forms visible from windows and balconies of high rise apartments do have great effect on the lives of the residents so does the surrounding landscape and its features. These features even if they are at a great distance or at times barely visible can cause serious harm.
Good land forms in this case can lead to tremendous prosperity of the people living in such homes.
The natural fengshui of cities like New York, Hong Kong, or Mumbai explains why these cities are thriving and prospering; with tall structures representing the element of wood surrounded by water which is its supportive element; growth is boundless. Thereby making these cities crowded some almost bursting at seams.
Let us enumerate some offensive features we tend to accept as part of our environment.
1. The sight of a garbage dump at the approach of your living place.
2. A heap of rubble lying unattended near your house entrance.
3. A garbage bin permanently stationed outside your main door.
4. A garbage bin kept overnight out for pick up outside your main door.
5. Broken staircase or broken tiles right at your entrance.
6. Missing name plate, or an old worn out name plate. ( It may be shocking to note some doors bear name plates of dead relatives well past their demise, to some it means a gesture of sentiment but as far as feng shui goes an undesirable feature )
7. Dry, dead or unkempt plants at the entrance.
8. Popped out bulb or a precariously hanging external light bulb holder.
9. A creaking non lubricated hinge of your main door making a moaning sound as you open your door to welcome a guest.
10. A safety door with vertical bar grill giving you a jailed effect if seen from the out side.
11.To many homes; a split door giving away the amount of arguments and differences of opinion existing in your home.
12. Lack of proper lighting, making the lobby dark and depressing..
All these and many more features which can be easily corrected happen to exist right at our door causing difficulties in our lives. If not all even some of these corrections could bring ease in your lives.
So far we have dealt with the main entrance now let consider the windows.
1. The view from windows; if offensive can be less damaging than your main door; however it can not be fully ignored. Depending on the kind of energy coming from these windows; one can decide which of these can be kept open and which need to be partially screened. Some of them may need to be covered with double lined curtains; to prevent
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