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The power of a connection between two people. A blessing or a curse
A connection, a connection between two people; some connections are meant to be. They can not be avoided, they can not be tamed, and they were meant to be connected. For one reason or another they were meant to be connected. Not just to meet to be friends, to be father and son, husband and wife or, brother and sister. It is deeper you can feel them thinking about you when they are not in a room. You can tell how they are feeling with out even seeing them. Their soul follows you around while they are still living on this earth. It is a connection.
Some connections are sent by God. Like the one me and my dad had; one hundred percent truth and love. Other connections are just as strong maybe stronger but appear to be a mistake. This is an uncontrollable connection that just seems to bring pain to all who is connected to the connection. Like that movie with will smith. There was some truth to this fictional story. It is a deep connection with two people who weakened when they were together even though they were drawn to each other so strongly. Just goes to show everything happens for a reason. There is a reason why I watched this movie there is a reason why I’ am righting this for no reason and, there is a reason for every connection. No mistakes. I know this sound stupid but just think and watch for the signs. The connection is a test of faith and. A test of trust between the two connected. The connection is there for a reason the two connected should have faith in the connection and at the same time have respect for the devastation it could cause; while at the same time loving the connection and the truth that lays with in it. The connection must be kept but from a far and, the secret must be kept as were mine and my dads. It’s scary, it’s truth, it sacred, it’s deep and dark it’s passionate, it’s kept and, it’s real. It’s a life altering connection of souls.
To whom this may concern: Take love with you and respect it, enjoy it and then spread it. Because love is a choice you can control; a connection comes from a place we have not seen yet.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1500934-Connection