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A night in a pet store... beware the parakeets :) A tongue-in-cheek "The Birds" poem.
It was getting late as I pulled up to a stop.
I needed a few items from the local Pet Shop.
The owner was in a hurry and I was moving slow.
I asked to use the bathroom because I had to go.

Imagine my surprise when I exited the loo.
I was in total darkness in the middle of a zoo.
I found my escape was blocked under the exit light.
It was the owner’s evil plan that locked me in that night.

As my eyes adjusted to the dark, faintly came a sound.
Something moved in the midnight black as I looked around.
In the weakened light reflecting, I could see eyes glitter
with small cooing sounds emitting from some unknown critter.

A fluttering of wings made my heart skip a beat!
With talons poised to strike, it was a parakeet.
Taken by surprise, I threw myself to the floor
and found myself surrounded by a dozen more.

Eerily their claws clicked, tapping out their need
as they eyed me closely like I was free bird seed.
Fetally I laid there praying like I was in church
while they did their arcane dance and used me for a perch.

In blue and green and yellow, Oh, how evilly they strut
as they looked for opportunity to inflict death by paper cut!
Like vampires fleeing the sun, they left with the morning light,
releasing me from bondage though I was streaked with white.

With treatment and time, I find I’m no longer panic stricken
when passing by Pet Stores or Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Still, take my warning seriously and please beware or…
face the dark night horrors of tiny beaks of terror!

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